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goodevry8 : I keep seeing advertisements for online part-time jobs, but I don't know if they really pay. Does anyone tried any of these?

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lignpgpn : A real estate company put up a sign up 15 yrs ago when my uncle owned the land i live on,now i own the land,he told me they paid him once,but not for long term,since i aquirred this land and after a tornado ripped thru here a couple weeks ago they came out and put up a new sign,sign is located on a buisy Hwy on the corner of a T intersection,theres allot of traffic..With money tight these days,and structual damage to my house and property some extra money would be very helpful,but I havent got a clue as to what kind of sum to ask for.
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Abnolermed : I've seen advertised in the college newspaper. I'd imagine they would love to have one of their cars on a college campus. I'm just curious to know if it's real and also if someone who does it by chance can tell me about their experience.
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IDdiego : try this site (i've used it):
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swonArodo : I want to promote my products so how can i find the best marketing agency from UK?
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Abinicambicus : Like, $1000-2000?
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5secondhandmobiless : Figure a RT would be $1000.
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Rabjossybop : It depends on when you go and how long you stay:
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jajidmeu : 629.00 GBP or 977.682 USD round trip per person with flexible dates in economy from Raleigh/Durham, NC to London Heathrow
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Neenstookem : Expensive.... last time I looked at prices going the other way from UK to Charlotte International it was about £1200 direct flight.

If you do a search on somewhere like Expedia, you'll probably find it cheaper to fly from Atlanta (usually the cheaper ones seem to go from Atlanta, GA to Amsterdam in the Netherlands, then you catch a connection to one of the airports around London, such as Heathrow, etc).
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