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Nisyventiosse : 1. Can I cross post on CraigsList without getting ghosted?. For example,If My IP address is from Newyork and my craigslist PVA is Los Angeles based. Can I post my ad in CraigsList's Chicago section or which is the only possible section I can post with above mentioned IP address and PVA.

2.Some people says , If I want to post at Chicago section of CraigsList then the IP and PVA should be from the same City . Is it correct?

3. Some people says, while creating a new CL account, the IP and Phone number for verification should be from the same city.If not,whatever ad you are posting with that account will be ghosted. Is it correct?
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BestWilliamikv : 1) You can post on whatever Craigslist you want, but you can only post your ad on one Craigslist at a time. So if you post in Los Angeles, you can't post in Chicago at the same time. They will not eliminate your ad due to a phone number or an IP address that does not match the city you post in

2) No, you can post in whatever city you want, as long as you don't lie and say you are in Chicago in the ad if you aren't (or whatever city applies)

3) No, but you can only have one Craigslist account per phone number, regardless of what city you linked it to.
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soilmvoma : The big time professional posters have computers in each city, some have been sued by craigslist, have you seen the cash fine per violation mentioned in their TOS?
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mjohne : health care provider which has three hospitals and seven outpatient centers,and two long term care facilities and also provide home nursing visits.Each of this units manage its own recruiting,its own recruitment the budgets are tightened.

1.Do you think to centralize the recruitment function?
2.If centralized recruitment office recommended,what services would it provide?
3.if you centralize recruiting what are the benefits for the company and applicants?
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AnthonyCH : My clothing line is called Monarchy Empire, me and my friend started this 2 years ago in December. We have our 3 shirts, in my moms salons. We have a Facebook page, a Twitter, and have been doing local advertising by helping sponsor things in my local area. I feel lazy, I don't know what else to do besides gain money, work on designs, and hope my name is getting out there. Since I am the president and Management part of this company and my friend is the designer. I am just asking for anything you guys can help me with, sorry for the length of this, just trying to get as much help as possible by sharing as much detail as possible.
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Inettyday : I'm not familiar with this market and hope to find an agency that produces quality work. I was hoping for advice so I can skip the tedious job of combing through all the small under-qualified agencies.
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Gufabeenvef : As far as I'm concerned there's really only one producing the quality of work you are probably looking for. I would look into RD Thomas Advertising. Here's their site:

They do pretty much everything pertaining to advertising. Plus they're easy to work with—which always helps.
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Sleeryrub : I agree with, Mark. RD Thomas is the better agency. You might also look into Digital Base if you need an alternative.
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UglyLloydlty : He he this question sounds pretty silly the way I worded it but it is a legitimate question. Basically I've gleaned information about this kind of thing from the news and stuff and wondered about it. I can't think of words to explain it so I'll give a scenario.

I'm from Cincinnati and lets say I move to Japan. Now If I end up missing the kind of food I used to eat and I call my Mom and Dad and ask them to send me chili, tartar sauce, and barbeque sauce
(that's an inside joke for people from Cincinnati. feel free to ignore it. and yes I know I should have added ice cream but sending ice cream from Ohio to Japan seemed a little unrealistic.)
,I would guess via mail or something, would that be allowed?
I seem to remember at certain international airports they have dogs trained to sniff out illegal food stuffs. I don't think I'm confusing this with drugs,I think it really was that their were certain foods that they'd confiscate on grounds of they were daises spreading or something.
So I guess my question is, can you send food via mail(I'm pretty sure yes but I want to check my bases), are their certain food restrictions or did I just dream that new report, and if so can you send any food out of the nation it's form. Or do the rules differ from place to place. ANY way I just asked this because I'm curious. I don't plan on leaving the state anytime soon. Thanks.
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camarok : As long as it's in a factory sealed package, you should be ok. Considering the weight of these items, it would probably cost more to send them than they cost to buy.
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