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Weennybuffvob : Doing a school analysis and i cant find anything ethical in that ad. here is the link

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torpwelmeo : how to address the legal,ethical issues that mitigate the advantages of advertising
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Coarmarib : I'm looking for contributors for a website about how you met your LGBT partner (ex, current, hook-up, etc). If you're interested, visit the site and click on Submit Your Story! and you will be featured on the site (if requested, you can remain anonymous). Thanks!

The website is:
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Layetelaydrax : Hi

I am slowly building my graphic design business and hope to leave my job next year to go full time freelancing for myself.

I get a most of my work at the moment through a freelance website but need to start gaining work from local companies who will repeatedly use my services.

I am trying to decide the best way to approach them. Cold Calling is an option but seems a bit harsh and emails a quite ignorable. I think I need to have a contact name and then approach, but once I've done that, what will persuade you marketing people to give me a chance?

Alot of bigger companies seem to side with larger (and drastically more expensive) design agencies but I don't want to market myself just on price because I dont want to appear cheap and therefore lacking in quality.

I'm already on Linked In (Simon Laughton) and have my website which is lawtz design and a dot com! (I presume web addresses etc are not allowed on here!).

Anyone advise?

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fakeoakleysy4 : I'd highly suggest cold emailing over cold calling if you're trying to contact any sort of company first. Emails can be read over more carefully and considered, while cold calling is often times just an annoyance -- even if you actually get to talk to someone directly. You'll likely get more clients in the end with cold emailing. Above all else, another tip would be to not necessarily (or not often) cold email any company, but agencies or companies in your field in general. It's much easier to get freelance work from a business in your field that needs to outsource, rather than someone who may or may not ever need the services you offer.

Beyond that though, there are several other local marketing methods that would be more beneficial if the companies came to you. While directly finding clients can be beneficial, also focus on gaining some passive marketing techniques, such as blogging, social media, and etc, and either traditional or guerilla local and online advertising. Also, ask for any recommendations and testimonials from previous clients.
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Bormmayonry : Hi,
Internet Marketing is the best way to promote the services and products. Internet offers a lot of scope for the upcoming Business.
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Unrerolor : nope, an ID wouldnt do anything for you, anyhow. You need a passport to go to canada nowadays.
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GaremeLeCar : Khris, why is it, people suddenly realize, they have to travel internationally, and find they need an ID, not even an ID but a valid passport.

Looks like you miss out on your Audition doesn't it?
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Teceonels : The procedures for special security screening for air travel without proper ID only apply to domestic flights, according to the information on the TSA's website. For travel to Canada, a passport is required, since it is a different country, and if you attempt to travel without one, you will be denied boarding by the airline at your departure city.

If you live close to a Regional Passport Agency, whose locations are listed on the second link below, you can make an appointment to receive a last-minute passport. You'll need to take proof of impending travel with you and pay an extra fee, but they should be able to issue you a passport on the same day.

This is your only option at this point to make this trip -- if you don't have a passport and don't obtain one before you leave, you will not be going to Canada for your audition.
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PoitoProvemog : No.

You require a passport to board any international flight. No exceptions. They will ask for it at check-in or the self-service kiosks will require you to scan your passports. Even airports which have Nexus lines still require passports numbers to be submitted by airlines as part of their manifests.

If you are crossing via a land crossing ... Americans under 16 only require proof of citizenship. Those over 16 require a passport, Nexus pass, or an enhanced driver's license. While Canadian law only requires proof of citizenship for Americans to enter Canada you also require proof that you will leave Canada. Since Canadian Border Services (CBSA) knows full well that you can't return to the US without a passport (Nexus or EDL) they won't let you in without one.

You can get an emergency passport in the United States within 24 to 48 hours. You can get a replacement passport in the US (or from an embassy) within 24 hours in most cases. CBSA and USBSA are fully aware how long it takes to get a passport.

CBSA, at a land crossing, might allow entry with proof of some type of emergency -- i.e. you had something like a death certificate, court order, etc. and proof that your passport and ID was stolen (i.e. a police report) or you applied for a passport and that it would be sent to you in Canada. They are not likely to consider an audition to be an emergency. In fact that will likely immediately trigger questions.

If you knew about this audition why didn't you have a passport a long time ago? Even if you had ID, Tuesday, you would be able to get a passport by Friday. What kind of possible performing artist are you that applies to auditions in Canada from CA without a passport? When did you apply? Was your passport stolen? Why would you carry your passport on you? Why can't you get a replacement passport within 48 hours? Why didn't you contact the agency and reschedule the audition? You will also immediately face questions about this audition. Performing artist exceptions to work permit requirements are limited.
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