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5metalleriew : The ad says buyer pays return shipping. Do I still have to if I didn't get the product I wanted?

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dralcerly : what are Ad-funded services
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WahAvell : It is a service that is paid by an advertisement company to display their ads in hopes that some people who use that service will see that advertisement and pay to use the product or service advertised.
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nenjuisyner : marketing strategy of jeans
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oncall463 : I am doing a project for a marketing class and I have been trying to contact different ad agencies and non of them have bothered to call me back or help me out at all. All I need to know is, from an advertising agencies point of view, what are the most important factors in the general environment when making a media buy for a client? More specifically when the client serves a more affluent market. If any one could help me out with this, that would be awesome and help me do well on my project.
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CobyStoll : No one is answering your question because you left out important information.

a) What is the product
b) What is the target audience for the product
c) Where is it sold/distribution method

More affluent? Men/Women/Gays? What is more affluent in your mind - income category?????

If you are doing a case study, pick definite examples that people can relate to. Eg. Louis Vuitton - Handbags not just LV because they have a whole range of products. Vs. Say, Mercedes Benz - SLK.

Different categories within the luxury range - different media options.

Give us that, and maybe you'll find some answers.
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Inwance : idk but yer pretty...
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Coinfunlink : You will need Hep A. ( i found it necessary)
You probably will not need Hep B, as it is primarily transmitted through sex - unless of course you .............

I see no need for cholera or typhoid. I've spent years in Southern Africa and these jabs are not needed.
The typhoid jab is not very effective either.
Make sure you are up to date with you routine jabs - measles and tetanus. (both are important)

Rabies....hmm, it is always good to have, (i took the rabies shot and promptly got bit by a dog)

If you are transiting through another African country, other than South Africa, you probably will need a yellow fever jab and you will need to present the yellow fever certificate at Namibia immigration.
If you are going direct to Namibia without transiting through another African country, then no worries.

Hope this helps. Great place to visit.
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origneeficigo : You'll want Hep A...this is transmitted by contamined food or water and is very easily spread. You probablly dont need Hep B. This is a sexually or blood borne infection. You may want to think about it - if you have an emergency and need blood or surgery Id want to be vaccinated for Hep B. The Cholera vaccine only provides about 20% protection for 6 months. As long as your careful about what you eat and drink you can skip this. Definately get typhoid - this is a nasty infection and the vaccine (pill or jab) works great. You probablly dont need rabies unless you plan to be in a remote area or in contact with animals. If youre in a large city, and you get bit, you can get treatment (with good vaccine) at a UK or US embassy.... just bring some povidone to clean out any wounds bites. Yellow fever can kill - you need to check the country requirements. If Namibia requires it and youre not vaccinated, they'll quarantine and vaccinate you at the airport. You also will want to ask about Malarone or something else for malaria and bring some cipro for diarrhoea treatment
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ArelsPeally : Diphtheria, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Malaria, Polio, TB, Tetanus, Typhoid
This is according to a travel site so I reccomend these.
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