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Knoprubsop : How big is the marketing research industry in the US

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CarmenOA : on it sites are good top links for decisions of your problem
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jacquelinerarmstrongg : Im a stylist and have clients with thinning hair that usually wear hair weaves to cover these areas, however they would like to wear their natural hair. The salon also has two barbers in which many men are thinning or balding also. I found a product that gives the illusion of hair in those areas, so i ordered one bottle just to see how it works. If I like it I would like to market it. I mentioned the product to one of my thinning clients and I told her that I would more than likely sell the product, and she made the statement that I should use it on my clients that need it, but I want to market it if does what it promises to do. Or if I did use it on clients without them purchasing it from me, I should add this as a service right? But I think I would profit more selling the product itself. Any suggestions?
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Boeolermep : first of all you should start banner ads at small scale for continuity of revenue. Analise your return on investment and measure key performance indicator. Implement other for digital marketing techniques.
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GGYGYG : Ron Popeil the infomercial king sold GLH spray on hair replacement in the 90s.

There have been many jokes made about it.

Perhaps your selling it to clients on the same shelf as hair gell and shampoo, would start with a free demonstration.
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vialueree : What is Market segmentation and how would you apply it in modern economy
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imiLsanitazem : The 2011 Littlewoods Christmas ad has caused a lot of controversy this year for many reasons. But who/what company/agency actually came up with the advert/produced the advert?
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Tkljsjdrtyyurarara : Why are you asking a question about something people regularly skip?
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orabashioks : Im planning a trip to Florida with my sister, one is 24 and the other one is only 13. I have never been to Florida so I don't even know where to start. I would prefer to stay at a resort or a hotel with a really nice pool.I don't mind hanging out by the pool and drinking but I know my youngest sister would like to do some activities. We are thinking about orlando but the more I research it the less I like the idea because of the tourists, how expensive and commercialized everything is. Can anyone recommend a city/beach in florida would be fun to visit? I don't mind spending one day in disney but I would rather spend time at the pool, beach and with the locals.

P.s. If you guys want to recommend vacation spots outside of florida, that would be appreciated. US only and warmer climates
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xxldoctttibr : Clearwater Beach, located on the Gulf of Mexico just west of Tampa, was just voted as the best beach in Florida by USA Today readers. The beach has received numerous accolades over the past years with its white powder sand and amazing sunsets. There are various hotels/resorts to stay at that are on the beach within different budget ranges. Restaurants are plentiful, again right on the beach, without big chain tourist traps with high prices yet excellent food. There are alot of activities, ranging from getting an awesome tan to jet skis to para-sailing. Did I mention all the shops too! The airport you would want to fly into is Tampa International with the airport a 30 to 45 minute taxi cab. Once on the beach, everything is within walking distance or the Jolley Trolley, $4 for an unlimited day pass. Clearwater Beach would be an excellent choice.
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