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Etepsips : Hi I`m new to keywords and affiliate marketing.
I`we found a keyword (key phrase) with the following stats (I`m using google adwords tools):

10.000 global monthly searches for the exact phrase
5.500 global monthly searches for the keyword

14,000,000 results for the keyword
65,000 results for the exact keyword phrase

So worth creating a website for the keyword ?
The result pages are articles about the keyword and I`we did not found any website that aims exactly the same keyphrase
In google adwords keywords tool I`we checked the exact and the phrase match checkboxes and unchecked the broad mach checkbox

Does this change someting ?
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VakemeeniaCam : You are talking about getting an exact keyword domain? Google staff have mentioned 'reviewing' the advantage these domains get. The commercial intent of the word matters, with an adwords login, the Google KW tool shows the ad competition for the keyword, high competition is a vote for the commercial value.

Dog Training Guide is more valuable than Funny Dog tricks even more valuable than Funny Dog Photos.

It's only a small gamble if you are paying fresh domain prices.
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kimmurphyo : I'm in a Marketing class and I need to find a product that is not being sold in my school store. I have a product, but I don't know where I can get all the information I need to get them to my school. So what I'm looking for is a Pepsi supply company because I need a company that ships Pepsi products. If you could help that would be amazing. Thank you.
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Sictantee : look in the phone book under beverage distributors or type Pepsi Distributors in your search bar
and see if any are where you are.
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rebecontannyM : how to run ad campaign
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emapseassew : You need to be a bit more specific.

There is more than one kind of campaign.

What company are you trying to run the campaign with?
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zocbystvp : HI,
Thanks for asking this question !!! I am also searching for the same, please reply with the relevant post.
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beiftequise : Bank of America is totally fraudulent in their earnings and advertising. They tried to impose a fee for using our own money claiming they were losing money and needed the income to boost sagging profits. This is a lie, The banking industry posted near record breaking profits for the quarter.

If they are so hard up why do they air their ridiculous ads showing an elderly couple " Since you have been a loyal customer for 71 years we will take a chance on you and loan you enough money for a hot dog stand "

Their clams of public service are false, they don't do anything without making a profit one way or another. Th next time they want a bail out, let the fail !

They need a new ad agency and new Chairman and Board of Directors. Move your accounts to Credit Unions or smaller banks like Bank of the West !

Does anyone agree ?
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aOccuchunedy : No
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goodevry12 : I agree to an extent. But aren't you forgetting one basic thing: freedom. People obviously CHOOSE their banks. No Bank of America or Chase or whatever bank had their employees come to your home, hold your family hostage while forcing you to sign papers opening up various accounts with high monthly fees. No one dangled your dog or grandmother off a 30 story building. People CHOOSE where they bank. Most people read what they're getting themselves into. I see different accounts. I always choose the one that's free because I hate banking fees. I also ask how much it costs to wire money, how much they charge to receive wires, how much it costs for overdraft fees etc. If people won't take the time to READ and RESEARCH their choice of bank and banking, that's their own freakin' fault.

I don't use a credit union because they don't offer the same products that I like at my big corporate bank. But at the same time, all my accounts have NO fees whatsoever and I like the service. I don't care that my bank makes money because if they didn't, they wouldn't be around to service clients like me. If you're complaining about them upping fees on certain accounts, that's standard in any business.

I hate whiners. If people don't like their banks, THEN GO TO ANOTHER BANK!
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