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EricWZ : Hi I`m new to keywords and affiliate marketing.
I`we found a keyword (key phrase) with the following stats (I`m using google adwords tools):

10.000 global monthly searches for the exact phrase
5.500 global monthly searches for the keyword

14,000,000 results for the keyword
65,000 results for the exact keyword phrase

So worth creating a website for the keyword ?
The result pages are articles about the keyword and I`we did not found any website that aims exactly the same keyphrase
In google adwords keywords tool I`we checked the exact and the phrase match checkboxes and unchecked the broad mach checkbox

Does this change someting ?
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Teweennadaync : dsfsdfsdfsd
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wanb4669 : im doing a class science project and we want to know why most watches are set to 10:09 or around it. we have a few ideas:
To show the logo on the clock part
Resembles happiness
To see both clock hands

thats all we got that i can remember. anything?
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goodevry11 : My small business wants to donate to a charity. Basically, we want to state on our business page something like:

"For every person who comments on this status by (x date), we will donate (x dollars) to (x charity/organization) in your name."

How can we possibly market this to our fans AND to the general public (side objective to get new fans)? I think that ads in the TV, radio, newspaper or a clip in the local news would just look like this is an advertisement for the company.

How can we market this online event without making it look self-serving?
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Neglesnig : You can't without written permission from the charity.
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FriendSam : Hi,
Facebook is the biggest Social Networking site. If you want to raise any charity or want to run any campaign then Facebook is the right option for you.
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Affongenice : The most important (and difficult) component of a business or marketing plan is:

a. Competitive analysis
b. the forecasts and logic behind the forecasts
c. Outline of management functions
d. Mission Statement
e. Executive Summary
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enurmouse : I guess it's B
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meslefectra : lax parking i really dont know. lax parking i really dont know
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grearoriure : I assume you mean parking at Los Angeles (LAX) airport car parks which have various prices depending on location and level of service.
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