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jihuo1408g61 : How is smm(social media marketing) different from smo(social media optimization)

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camarok : SMO is optimizing site in and content in such a way that when people see them on social networking sites they click on it. And SMM is just promoting.
So, good SMM => SMO
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tieday0826 : dfgdgfdgd
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goodevry8 : I keep seeing advertisements for online part-time jobs, but I don't know if they really pay. Does anyone tried any of these?
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abyy1319 : Why is there Groupon ads all over the net including my own site which i disapprove of as it distracts visitors? It is embedded within the articles on my site and is bordering 'spam' in my opinion as it is without my approval. Maybe it's malware, not sure though.
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vxperhapslh : So you run your own website and dont understand where the ads are coming from?

Its most likely only appearing to you, because they are targetted ads. Probably other people are seeing different ads depending on what they have been searching for.
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Gyncdyecy : thanks
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anginaprinzen : People are so busy attracting new clienT's, they forget to focus on keeping the old one's. In order to convince your client, you must believe in it first. Always be happy& lightmooded, otherwise people run away from you. More ideas? Email to
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AsymnKen : Social Media Marketing will be the easiest.
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Ferguson29 : Hey Cateyedpisces,

Networking. Networking is perhaps the most commonly used approach by small business owners. However, it is often poorly executed. Many people attend a networking function and take the wrong approach by trying to meet as many people as they can. They bounce from person to person, handing out business cards like it is an Olympic event and they are vying for the gold medal. They fail to realize that the most effective way to network is to cultivate relationships and give referrals to other members first.

Referrals. This marketing strategy places a close second in preferred methods of generating new business leads. The key here is to ensure that you take a proactive approach rather than a passive one. Instead of assuming that a satisfied client will refer someone to you, ask for that referral. Tell people who your ideal client is and ask for their help in finding these types of clients. The real estate agent who represented the seller when we bought our house sends us a card every year and reminds us that she loves referrals. It is not pushy, does not sound like she’s begging, and I’m confident it helps generate new leads.

~ David
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