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stoffCitsmord : Is smm (social media marketing) same as seo

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eldemowerrorm : Not by a long shot. SEO is basically a technical thing where you're trying to win over a computer, while social media marketing is like normal marketing, you're trying to win over humans.
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emibegomSit : No. SEO means search engine optimization. it is belong to search and search Engines. Social media marketing is ( Marketing your site using other sites , article , blogs , advertisement , facebook , orkut , linkedIn ..... etc

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2qot54rt74o : No. The simplest way to imagine is that SMM is a part of SEO :)
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IRRACYMIT : Little bit. You can SEO means Search engine optimization.SMM is a part of SEO.
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EleneLymncype : Social Media Marketing is the specific promotion of something through social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.

SEO is the promotion of a webpage through creating backlinks using relevant keywords.

The main difference is that SEO is more internal and less connected to customers while SMM is about branding and connecting with an audience.
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Nisyventiosse : 1. Can I cross post on CraigsList without getting ghosted?. For example,If My IP address is from Newyork and my craigslist PVA is Los Angeles based. Can I post my ad in CraigsList's Chicago section or which is the only possible section I can post with above mentioned IP address and PVA.

2.Some people says , If I want to post at Chicago section of CraigsList then the IP and PVA should be from the same City . Is it correct?

3. Some people says, while creating a new CL account, the IP and Phone number for verification should be from the same city.If not,whatever ad you are posting with that account will be ghosted. Is it correct?
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BestWilliamikv : 1) You can post on whatever Craigslist you want, but you can only post your ad on one Craigslist at a time. So if you post in Los Angeles, you can't post in Chicago at the same time. They will not eliminate your ad due to a phone number or an IP address that does not match the city you post in

2) No, you can post in whatever city you want, as long as you don't lie and say you are in Chicago in the ad if you aren't (or whatever city applies)

3) No, but you can only have one Craigslist account per phone number, regardless of what city you linked it to.
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soilmvoma : The big time professional posters have computers in each city, some have been sued by craigslist, have you seen the cash fine per violation mentioned in their TOS?
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cheap uggs : She purchased something from the tv and they sent her the wrong size. She keeps calling but they keep ignoring her or hanging up on her. What the hell? They were on tv, can tv ads scam? Or canh I report this. Where can I report this?
No she doesnt scream and they dont ask for her to return the items she says she wants to change one of the items and they say okey we'll call you back in 5 minutes and hours pass and so forth she's been calling continuously for 1 week
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