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Alexander_john : Catchy marketing name for housecleaning

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CrycleClomoto : sdfdsfdsfs
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Weennybuffvob : Doing a school analysis and i cant find anything ethical in that ad. here is the link
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bioriaseina : What do you think of Lady Gaga heading up Polaroid's Advertising's unit
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trelfHexrurry : A very BIG JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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pamEnera : I've never had good experiences with "network marketing." People trying to sell me Amway, energy savings, etc. Usually friends - which makes me and other friends want to avoid them. Nobody likes being given a sales pitch from your friends or family. But I also realize franchises also are basically a form of network marketing. is a new coupon site like Groupon or Living Social. They apparently operate using network marketing. Does anyone know if this is more like a franchise form of network marketing, or is it more like the form where they get people to try to sell to their friends?

I would feel uneasy doing business with or working with if it is more like the type where they get people to sell to their friends.
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Kraslibbb : This is not a conventional network marketing company as you might think. If you want to participate in the networking aspect you can but it is not required to set up a business. The advantage to this model is that YOU control the deals that go out, you control how long they run and where and how they are promoted (email, social media, etc.). It is much more the affiliate/franchise model with the exception that you have complete control over the deals and the distribution of deals.

"Network Marketing" is simply a compensation model and not the business platform. You are not required in any way to participate in that compensation plan to be part of Beget. That's why it's different and MUCH better!
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zratxhvm : its approximately a 55 minute flight.
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gestundurgire : Okay, so Indiana Jones has answered your specific question, Dulles to Bradford.

But generally, to find flights times, visit any site seling airline tickets , enter the journey you want to make and proceed through the system to the point where "departure and arrival" times show, then do the calculation ; or proceed a little further, to the point where the flight time is shown. Then cancel if you decided not to buy the ticket.
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AdupsMund : Any Travel Agent can tell you - they can also tell you the cost and time to take a taxi/bus to downtown wherever - and you can plan your whole trip to the minute, including transfers to other airlines, and all that 'stuff'.
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