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moment7q : I'm wanting to open my own small marketing firm in a couple of years, anyone know what the average profit is for these firms?

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ivilus : I'm in grade 12 (in Ontario- Canada) and I've been trying to find something to major in for college/university.

I am prepping for my SAT's incase the chance to attend an American college/university emerges.
But my counsellors at school are very unhelpful, so unhelpful to the point that I am begging people on Yahoo Answers to help direct me

What is the standard name for a major in advertising (communications? public relations?)
What pre-requisites/courses should I take and admit to colleges/universities when applying to a school?
What are some schools well known for their programs that major in advertising?

I plan to become a creative director or brand manager in the future hopefully and end up working with some major companies. I'd really like a chance to chase my dreams and I think this is really what I want (the highlight is that I don't have to take math, which I miserably fail in)

I feel like it's so hard to find help and the proper guidance to embark on my career path.

Please help me with whatever you know
This is a serious question so snotty obnoxious unnecessary remarks will be reported

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focasinome : Today, there was a glitch or something with a price online, and I purchased 2 of the items. I was charged and received an email saying it was available for pickup. Well, another person did the same thing, and when she went to pick it up, they wouldn't let her have it. I haven't went to pick mine up yet, but was wondering, since it was already purchased and charged to my debit card, do they have to honor that price?? I understand that when stores have misprinted prices and advertised prices that are a glitch, they don't have to honor it, but what about if already purchased?
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Nisyventiosse : Once you have paid for the item a store is obligated to honor the purchase. If they made a mistake, many stores will honor the purchase, even if it hasn't been purchased yet. See, in your situation, here's the thing - it's paid for, it is no longer their merchandise and they are holding it for the customer to pick up. The argument would be that they have no grounds to deny the pickup because it's bought and sold. Except for the fact that it is still in the store, they have no grounds because they found out about the price issue AFTER the sale was concluded. Their mistake, they should honor the purchase. Argue that. And, if they won't, make sure you get a cash refund because you would not get an immediate refund to the debit card, and if they are going to be sticky about the transaction then fight for the cash back.
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tieday0826 : i want to market my business online and grow my business around the world
i need a forum with people who are not new to this concept of MLM
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QRmillsFW : Hey Mini,

Here are a few:

~ David
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Halliepaolo44 : - Internet marketing forum along with MLM. Very very popular. - Good affiliate marketing program to start out with for beginners.
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Prurbadeora : On Sunday morning of this upcoming weekend I am flying from JFK in New York to St. Lucia. This area is supposed to get 3-6 inches of snow on Friday so i was just wondering if this could cause delays or cancellations.
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Astottope : Sunday will probably be ok, but this storm could cause a mess with air travel. Check your airlines website.
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mengya1w8g8 : If sunday doesn't snow, then there might not be any delays. If Friday is the only day in the weekend that has some accumulation, then the airport crews should have it cleared by sunday. Weather generally will delay a busy airport like JFK, but most flights might not be canceled. It just depends.
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