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DapoXetine : I'm interviewing for a marketing position with a construction company. I have a few ideas for marketing, but I've never worked with a construction company before, the target audience is so different. Anyone have some ideas? I would be very very appreciative!! I've been researching all morning but curious to know more!!

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Uploalemasp : depending on the central location of the company it may be useful to get in some local Chamber of Commerce in the surrounding areas, ofcourse a strong online presence is a must as the modern consumer/construction company customer consults the web today for way more resources than we have in the past, hope that helps
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5metalleriew : The ad says buyer pays return shipping. Do I still have to if I didn't get the product I wanted?
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itatuilmelf : Yes, we all think we are clever, but some really are. Like this one for a TV commercial......A father and son come home from fishing all filthy and stinky, the wife (mother) looks at them and says, "Those clothes are fit to be "TIDE". I sent that to P&G in Cincinnati, they wrote back and said they have an Ad agency in Chicago and not to write them again. Mine was politically correct, it made the men look like fools and the woman came to the rescue, so couldn't be that.
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ugg675o : They're basically saying 'don't call us we'll call you' Take the hint!
You should have asked them if it get's chips off shoulders!
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Inettyday : Hi,
If you have the Business Ideas, then apply your unique ideas to promote your Business.
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Gromisilsss : I am a market trader selling home goods and candles at a very low price but getting great returns. The items im selling pretty much sell themselves and i can always buy more stock when i want. I am only 21 years old and i have a full time job alongside this with no real business experience. I don't have enough money to buy a shop but would like to expand my business. What could be the next steps i take? Selling online ect and how do i do this? Thanks
I think you both misunderstood what I meant by "the products sell themselves". I meant that the quality of the products is of such a high standard that they are so easy to sell and the price that I am selling them at it is hard for people not to buy them. They are shop quality. :)
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breakmotio : If you are thinking that you are selling products at low price then it`s your thinking. May be the buyer thinks that it has high cost. One more thing is quality. If your product quality is not fulfilling your customer`s desired quality then it can also be reason of your failure. I think you have to revise your quality and price strategy according to the market.
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enurmouse : I am agree with lady kate in this regard that if you are focusing on quality then your customer will purchase your product either it is at higher price than others. People want quality instead of pricing because they are ready to invest in that product that is long live.
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EpildKitillek : You could start a commerce online site:

Few steps:
1. Set up your e-shop with an easy-to-use shopping cart software
Install a shopping cart on your website and your shop will go live in minutes!

2. Secure your transactions with a powerful SSL certificate
Set up an SSL certificate to secure your online transactions!

3. Collect customer payments via your merchant account
Get a merchant account and a payment gateway to collect your customer payments! Paypay, 2 checkout are some of them.

4. Lastly, monitor your website traffic with the help of tracking code like Google Analytics. It's free

After setting up the system, you want people to look at your online shop.

Here are a few ways to get visitors to your website.

1. Submit your website to thousands of online directories. There are some online directories, which have good traffic and some of that traffic can be yours if your website is listed in them.

2. Start posting in free classifieds. There are hundreds of free online classifieds websites that you can post in them to get visitors to your website.

Craigslist and gumtree are two biggest classifieds sites, and you can get targeted traffic from them.

3. Sign up to social-networking websites like Facebook and twitter. Add relevant people to your friend list and increase awareness about your website. You can post links and get visitors from these social-networking websites.

4. Join related forums in your market and post some useful comments on threads. Try to help other users and put the link to your website in your signature. It will get some steady traffic to your website, and this traffic is extremely targeted.

5. Start commenting on blogs in your niche. Use a profile from Gravatar and post useful comments on other people's blog. If you provide good information, people will click on your links and go to your website to find out more.

6. Write guest posts for other websites or blogs. Make a list of blogs or websites in your market who are already getting good traffic. Contact their owners and ask them if they can publish your posts on their website. This is a nice way of building traffic to your website.

7. If you can invest money, there are many ways to get traffic to your website. You can advertise your website on Google or other search engines.

You can also put ads on other people's website or on social-networking websites like Facebook. You can also buy text links from other websites in your market.
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