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oscinkikix : Hello everyone!

I am in process of setting up a stock broking firm as a sub broker and will also be offering investment research and portfolio management service...i am on a low budget and cant afford to get a logo designed ... i am looking for ideas to use as logo on my website, business cards and letter heads.

I am looking for something out of the box idea...with all respect...i request not to suggest dollar, coins, or an arrow showing up trend in the market....or a bull and similar over done ideas.

Many Thanks

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NQbambi : Good luck finding one for a professional work place that doesn't look like it came straight off of Word. But if you want someone to make you one for a cheaper price, here's a link ... its a craigslist link, I don't know there website address but thats the best I can do. I've worked with these guys and they blew me away!
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kehokimeFop : Id go for something simple and geometrical. As soon as you try to find a logo which 'means something' you end up with the same old cliches like dollar or profit graph.

What about something like.... (without the drop shadow, just a pretty colored egg shape)

Or maybe a coat of arms of some sort....
I dont know how youd get this without getting it professionally designed.

Google Images is a great source of inspiration...,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=6b7fae3127261740&biw=1657&bih=1243
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Alibabamen : You can find surprisingly decent designers who will create a logo for $5 on, you can viewportfolios of their work, realistically you may not be able to get your permanent logo but at least something acceptable for starters. (After fees these 3rd world Fiverr people only get $3 or $4)
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lialpinsamy : what are the tracks bmw,sainsburys,levis,carlsberg and morrisons use in their uk ads?
i need to know the artists and the single names. I think one is take that-let it shine but can not remember if it was Sainsburys who used it or Morrison's.
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qifeng3787 : Ok I have a project to do in school and we have to come up with an advertising plan for a fake product or service. Well my product is an alcohol that does not give you a hangover. I dont know if it will be a beer or liquor yet. I have come up with a few names and slogans for it but I would love some suggestions from other people. Thank you for your help and I will choose a Best Answer!
First of all i'm 24 and in college not 15 and in high school. Thanks!
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Faceblate : You're still at school. Do you really think think the teacher is going to approve of a project about alcohol, whether it gives you a hangover or not?
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phyproserly : Hi

I'm a secretary seeking to develop my career in marketing and business development. I want to take a course in business development. Could you recommend anything?
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lizatteda : Get a mentor!

Find someone already successfully doing this job and "Ask them a favour"
My Marketing mentor is an American Businessman / Salesman and he has spent hours teaching me the ropes from a PRACTICAL point of view

I now mentor others and refine my own knowledge from questions asked

I had taken an HNC in Business Studies at a local Business College but the lecturers were not practitioners and were boring and out of date. If you go to a night school you are more likely to get practitioners as lecturers than day school
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Vophoishbog : A course will gain you the theory, and also equip you with an award to add to your CV which is all good, you will also get quite a lot from meeting other people in other areas of business and marketing. Also suggest you get some "hands on experience", ask if you can help out at your companies marketing/PR department, maybe you can book events etc - if not possible maybe volunteer and get marketing experience by working as a volunteer, that will be valuable and show how committed you are to the business.
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