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Vophoishbog : I have to come up with a Name for a type of ATV for a marketing project. Any possible name ideas?

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Etepsips : Hi I`m new to keywords and affiliate marketing.
I`we found a keyword (key phrase) with the following stats (I`m using google adwords tools):

10.000 global monthly searches for the exact phrase
5.500 global monthly searches for the keyword

14,000,000 results for the keyword
65,000 results for the exact keyword phrase

So worth creating a website for the keyword ?
The result pages are articles about the keyword and I`we did not found any website that aims exactly the same keyphrase
In google adwords keywords tool I`we checked the exact and the phrase match checkboxes and unchecked the broad mach checkbox

Does this change someting ?
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VakemeeniaCam : You are talking about getting an exact keyword domain? Google staff have mentioned 'reviewing' the advantage these domains get. The commercial intent of the word matters, with an adwords login, the Google KW tool shows the ad competition for the keyword, high competition is a vote for the commercial value.

Dog Training Guide is more valuable than Funny Dog tricks even more valuable than Funny Dog Photos.

It's only a small gamble if you are paying fresh domain prices.
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christinabhayesl : I have just ordered direct tv and need to get in to the account to submit rebate
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Syncpropypeg :
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nanadokilalo : it depends on what the objectives express
they may be linked with general strategy of the company
...or may not
eg. in case corporate mission is "to provide services that satisfy customers' needs"
it is linked with marketing objective "to find out customers' needs through various tool and design services accordingly
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JanoNease : There should be a business plan that states the aims, missions and objectives. The marketing plan should flow out of that, and each marketing activity should address one or more of those isues in the business plan. So if sales growth was a target (an aim/objective) then marketing activity would be built around reaching that sales growth.
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yyhglppluh : Well we are two students who are about to go to live to the USA (were mexicans) and we are going to go to Atlanta but i have some questions of how is the life there and if you could i would really appreciate if you answer these questions. Also we have all the documents for people wondering lol

1. How good is life there for young people
2. How do people there treat other races
3. Is there a lot of different races ( black people, asians latinos etc.)
4. How good is the public education there (High school)
5. How much traffic there is
6.Is Atlanta secure for young people (muggers, thieves etc.)
7.How expensive is everything in general
8. How expensive is the food

Hope you can answer our questions, please help us its really though going through this change!
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gorodezpup : 1. The best place for a young person is Atlanta. All of the suburbs are safe. Fulton County Schools is an amazing school system. My highschool is in the top 1% of the nation. Great education really.

2. People respect other races. My own town was rated the 7th friendliest in the nation by some magazine (I forgot the name sorry). Not once in my life have I heard anything that sounds racist. Also, Atlanta is full of people of multiple races. It's mostly black people actually. Nobody here would judge other races.

3. My last question answered this one. It is absolutely full of other races. Mostly black people but yes it is still full of Spanish people, and Asian People.

4. I answered this question in number 1. Amazing education. You wouldn't believe it. Not kidding. And you said high schools too. High schools are great too.

5. There are moderate amounts of traffic. At times, though, you may get caught in traffic.

6. Atlanta is extremely safe. If you are going there alone, don't wonder downtown though. Just because that isn't recommended anywhere. If you just want to avoid an area, avoid Decatur. That is a town close to Atlanta.

7. Everything in the USA is about the same price everywhere. So if you've ever been to the USA at all, the prices will be close to that. I can't compare to Mexico though. I've never been to Mexico.

8. The food can be a little bit expensive. Not much different than anywhere else.

One thing to add... The airport is not dangerous. At all. There is security all over. Plus there are always like 400 people around you so nobody can get away with anything.

I found it funny that you asked this question because Atlanta has so many positive traits. But have fun. And just note that traveling will always be fun in Atlanta.

Also, this will not be a challenge like you said. Just have fun.
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VummaRoorbVag : 1- Life in Atlanta is excellent. But it isn't a cheap place to live. Not as expensive as cities like LA, NYC or Chicago but still it takes a good inciome to live comfortably in Atlanta. If you are earning a good living it's a wonderful place.

2 - Atlanta is a very diverse city with a strong Latino population.

3 - Yes, Atlanta is very diverse culturally.

4 - Depends on where you live. Several school districts out in the suburbs are the best in the state. Some schools in the city are the worst you can get.

5 - Traffic is terrible. No other way to say it.

6 - Stay out of the rough areas of town and you'll be fine. Atlanta has more than it's fair share of street crime.

7 - A nice apartment in a good neighborhood that is safe and secure will be expensive. $750 - $1200 a month for 2 bedrooms.

8 - Food isn't more expensive here.
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