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Triarryhosy : I need some creative direct marketing ideas for my kids birthday party business. Thanks!

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ArelsPeally : Try to blog about your topic and build a list of contacts. You can create a short report about your topic and give it away in exchange for contact details. It's actually a simple thing to do, but not easy.
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zerneerseKade : I'm making an ad for school and the product is a newspaper bowl. What can i write short and simple please?

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1senukexf : Support (name of school) by buying a newspaper bowl. Have your child paint it as a gift of love. Only $___.
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Alexesshedrin : So I just made a blog/website and I want to advertise it, preferably for free. It is called
Do you guys have any ideas?
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porvfdyseo : I wish to major in marketing. What are some ways I can build experience in this field?
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wekToogeattam : fh
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hahAltessyrar : Start marketing as much as you can. Search for a marketing job, whether it is a part time, full time, internship, or even volunteer work, it will look good on a Resume. After you have some sort of working experience in marketing, make sure that you ask people that you worked for to be refernces for you to build your resume further. While doing all of this, also go to college for a bachlors degree in marketing, so that you can also build your resume from an educational stand point.
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tomn067 : My husband and I would like to travel to Vilnius, Lithuania this fall or next spring. We live in New Hampshire. I am from the U.S. and he is from Vilnius. We've been married for just about a year and his family has not met me in person yet, so its about time. His whole family lives there. Anyways, anyone know the cheapest way to get from Manchester, NH to Vilnius, LT?
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xmentalistem : Flying is the quickest and cheapest. I would research the airlines, especially AEROFLOT (Russian) for the best time and cheapest accommodations. Other airlines do have flights into Lithuania so get on the internet and research them. In that area AEROFLOT is probably the best. I've personally flown with Aeroflot out of the USA to several foreign countries. They are very professional and accommodating. Once there, depending on where you are located from the airport, transportation is dictated by time, money and availability.

If your husband is a former native he should have a handle on the basics and know exactly what to do and his family can provide more up to the minute information. Most Eastern Europeans do a lot of travel by train, it's relatively quick and cheap and you get to see the country at a leisurely pace.
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