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Emaimiply : Does direct marketing through the mail work or is it a waste of money?

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Triarryhosy : It's junk mail.
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Encannaxy : I would say it depends on what you're marketing. As a homeowner when I get fliers for yard service or things like that I will briefly look at them.. but most other stuff I just toss.
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enhartythedge : Hi,
I am trying to open up my own CPA Firm as I am currently out of job and I can not find a job. I have limited saving that I want to use for the firm marketing. How do you find new clients for your new firm? Newspaper advertisement? Online , etc? please let me know
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kedduadwaytum : I sell safety wear and i can offer an amazing price on high quality safety wear it is great quality and i get it so cheap do you think i should try email marketing because at the moment my website is not getting me many sales, i want to be selling in the hundreds should i try email marketing or what else could i try?

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alexpril : That's called spamming
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Boeolermep : E-mail marketing isn't worth it, most would think that it's a scam or just not end up ever opening it. I'd suggest although it sounds old-fashioned and as if it's not going to work) that you place a classified advertisement in your local paper or even a regular ad (however these cost much more) also, you could hang up flyers around your town/city and surrounding areas as well. Much luck to you!
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Effitswes : Email marketing can work - but not by spamming people.

Email marketing is a normal part of marketing a commercial web site. Every ecommerce web site should capture voluntary email sign-ups, as well as attempting to get people to take other actions, like buying, learning more about your offer or bookmarking your site for future visits.

Marketing your site gets you more visitors and more email sign-ups and your email list brings you more visits - they work together.

Email marketing has to do with "broadcasting" (mass mailing) to one or more "lists", which you maintain, of past customers or new prospects.

Bad (and ineffective) "email marketing" is sending emails to people who have not requested them from you - that is, spamming them. Spam is defined as: "Any unsolicited email message".

Spamming is "negative marketing", because it makes people distrust and dislike you and your product or service, rather than trust and like you and your product or service. It annoys people and it’s bad for your business – and it can get you in real trouble.

Where do you get lists? Some people buy lists, but the quality is always suspect when you do that - and the people on a purchased list probably didn't ask to get your emails.

The best way to get a legitimate list is to put a "Double Opt-In" sign-up link on your web site or blog and maybe give people a reward when they sign up - like a free ebook of valuable info. Usually these sign-ups are for a regular email "newsletter" which you broadcast.

Double Opt-In is the only way to avoid getting blacklisted as a spammer - which will often get you kicked off a web hosting service and/or get all your emails blocked by the ISPs (Internet Service Providers). Spamming is not something you want to do.

In double opt-in, the visitor first submits a request to join your list by clicking on your sign-up form's button (after they give you their name and email address). Then they get a message telling them the sign-up was successful and to look for an email at the email address they gave you. So they have already opted-in once. But maybe someone else filled in their name and email address, pretending to be the visitor? So the second opt-in is so they can confirm that they really do want your emails.

When they get your automatic email, it contains a link they have to click on to confirm that they really do want to get your emails. That's their second opt-in. If they don't do that they are not on your list. If you use double opt-in and someone gets mad and turns you in as a spammer, you can always prove that they told you twice that they wanted your emails. Why would someone complain after double opting-in? Sometimes people sign up to lots of lists and forget some of them later and such.

The easy way to do double opt-in and to maintain your list is to use an online service that specializes in maintaining mailing lists and doing broadcasts. Those usually cost about $20 a month. For example, is a good one. Otherwise, you have to build a database for your lists yourself, and also build a method to do the broadcasts. These services will also create the forms for you to put on your site or blog.

Another important point is exactly what you put in your email broadcasts. You can’t just blatantly advertise at people. Everyone hates that. You have to always give them valuable information, so that they actually look forward to your emails – that’s good marketing. And you don’t want to do broadcasts too often either. In your emails, you can have links to the latest stuff on your site or blog, coupons for special sales and that sort of thing.

Hope this helped…
_jim coe
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DegreeMoon : Hi i've been running a blog for almost two years now. And i've used a couple of intext ads provider such as vibrant media and infolinks. I am thinking of not using intext ads anymore due to vibrant medias low earnings and infolinks just doesn't look good on my site. In case your wondering what kind of site i run its a mobile technology site that focuses on smartphones and tablets, the url is
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FriendAbigail : I am traveling from Manchester, NH (MHT) to Delhi, India (DEL). I have layovers at Newark (EWR) and Frankfurt (FRA). My flight from MHT to EWR has a rating for only 50% on time performance. My layover at Newark is only 1hr 30 min long then after I need to board the flight to Frankfurt. Do you think I can make it to the Newark-Frankfurt flight or will I miss it, considering the flight MHT-EWR is only 50% on time?
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