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orgaphocuroto : I'm 16, and I live in Oklahoma with my Nana. My mother is my legal guardian, and my biological father has never been there for me/ payed child support/ etc. My nana has practically raised me as my mom went on to have 2 other kids with different men, one of whom is locked up for the rest of his life. Her boyfriend and I have never gotten along, he is an alchoholic and can be very verbally abusive and can not stand me, and I can not stand him, so I don't stay with her. Like I said, my Nana has taken care of me , but now she's in a tight spot, and I was wondering what kind of process needs to happen, if there's anything I can do, to see how I may emancipated, or atleast able to work a full time job and live on my own, as my Nana has to move, and I don't want to be a dead weight, I am prepared to live on my own and have several jobs lined up and can handle it, I'll do whatever I need to, I just need to be able to be independent/ hold a job to help my Nana out, please and thank you for all/ any info.

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arcadeismyname : Sorry either you go back to Mommy or you're in a foster home situation emancipation is for minors who "have" jobs that pay a living wage that's why a vast majority of the few emancipation's granted each year go to child celebrities and heirs.

1) You have to earn enough money to pay full market rate for EVERYTHING rent, food, medical insurance, clothing, transportation and you can't have ANY outside help.

2) You have to already have a job and a 3-6 month history of paying ALL your own bills you can't have roommates, you can't rent from friends or family and you can't get public assistance. This is what screws most applicants as a minor you can't sign a binding contract so nobody is going to give you a lease. A child celeb or heir usually have a lawyer who can handle things like that.

3) You have to have a history of good grades (B average) and you have to graduate high school with this same average most judges won't accept a GED.

4) You have to convince a judge that you're an adult who has a viable plan for their future unless your petition involves your next album tour or big budget movie or protecting your trust fund from greedy parents your petition will probably fail. "I don't like my Mom's bf" is a constant drone from many children most adults can keep that kind of stuff to themselves.

5) Your Mom has to agree to your emancipation this means she'll have to forgo any benefits she gets from the state for you.
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suskorast : I need some legal advice, but the situation is extremely complicated and nothing I have found online tells me exactly what I need. So lets give a little background story first; My ex started living with me a bit less than a year ago. He is not on the lease. But hes been here for a while. He hasn't paid his rent since June and there are 2 months before that he didn't either. Well now he owes my father and I a bunch of money, (over $3K total, almost 4K and I have all of it documented), because I was working and helping him with bills, and my father has covered our rent since June because I am pregnant and my ex didn't go to work and got fired for it. I hated my job, it was a lot of stress on me and the baby and making me miserable. They also denied my maternity leave and never gave me accommodations in the 2 months I was there after finding out still. So my ex says "Why don't you stay home and watch the kids and be a mommy, and I'll cover all the bills. Then I wont have to pay for daycare either." (So I was watching his 7 year old also). So I quit my job end of May and literally the entire month of June he didn't go to work. They finally fired him July 3rd. He didn't look for work all summer, just played video games and smoked pot (in the house feet from me). Now, as of today he's finally working because my dad threatened to kick him out, but he's only been working a grand total of 12 days counting today. Gets paid tomorrow and hasn't paid October rent yet either.

So he broke up with me Saturday. I'm 6 months pregnant with his little girl and he broke up with me for a lot of bullshit reasons, even though I'm the only one that would have ever stayed with him through all this bs. And it's been a lot of unwanted drama. And I'm really starting to hate him.

I want him gone. Now he expects me to allow him to live here, because he has nowhere else to go. And he has a 7 year old son, who's mother lives overseas. I already talked to his sister and she will take his son, but she knows everything that's been happening and she agrees with me, said she would've already kicked him out by now. She never said she would take him. Plus he has no car. She is his closest relative to my place, and is 45 minutes away.. and he works 7 minutes away from me. And he has no money for anything. I get EBT, he did too but because he wasn't following their workfirst program they cut off his food stamps this month, and he expects me to share my 367/month I get for me (pregnant) and my son, with him and his boy. Plus, I am watching his son after school for 3 hours or more a day, and all day on Sundays (unpaid). AND on top of everything else, he's using MY car for work.. which I'm allowing for some stupid reason, and expects me to be okay with it when he wants to go somewhere. Next time he takes it, without my permission, I am going to report it stolen.

I believe technically since he hasn't paid rent in a certain amount of time, he is considered a squatter.. but need to know what I can do legally to get him out of here asap. And find a room mate that will actually pay rent. He says he has certain rights, that I can't just kick him out. And I am sooo desperate to. He is doing nothing but stressing out me, the baby inside me and everyone that has to hear about it on a regular basis.

If anyone has any good advice, that's actually legally binding.. Please let me know. I am amazed my body can still produce tears. And I'm also currently shaking, or was at least, earlier when he was only feet away from me yelling.. I don't want to get into any physical conflicts. For mine and my baby's sake. I am not a violent person, have literally never hit anyone, but he's making it very difficult.
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reinodisGF : I think you need to consider the fact that the two of you were domestic partners. I don't know where you are from, but the law in Australia is that because you have been partners for more than six months, even if you do manage to kick him out, he is entitled to a percentage of what you own. Basically they treat it like a divorce. You might want to check and see if that applies to you.
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mmmbbbffff : Contact an attorney. Your post is an obvious hoax, and it has been reported.
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yang1239p : Yes, you can kick him out but you have to do it properly. You need to talk to a lawyer. I believe that you can give him an eviction notice for non-payment of rent but I am not familiar with the laws in your jurisdiction (you may be able to kick him out with only 3 days notice if he doesn't pay up). Contact City Hall to find out how to do this. Also, refuse to babysit his kid, don't let him use the car, change the locks in your home, and don't give him another dime....or he may sue you for maintenance...and I think he is scummy enough to do this. Also, make it clear to him that if he leaves the child with you again, you will call Children's Aid to pick him up.

Lastly, play not let your ex come to any of your baby exams and definitely do not tell him when you give not let him be present as his behavior is such that he no longer deserves such a privilege. Do not put his name on the birth certificate and give the child your last name. If your ex wants any kind of rights (ie. after the child is born), he can go to court for them. Good luck and God bless.

Addendum: Unless you had a REGISTERED domestic partnership (which I do not believe you do), you do not have to share your property with your ex as Washington is NOT a common-law marriage state. It is a community property state but only for legal marriages or registered domestic you owe your ex absolutely support either!
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