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Yopemrlde : Okay, the details are as follows...

- I am 16 years of age.
- I live in Michigan.
- My parents are divorced, and my mom currently has full custody of me.
- My mom and I have lived with my grandparents for 12 years until my mom recently moved out with her new husband.
- My grandma pretty much raised me herself. She has gained custody of my cousin in the past because she also had parental issues.
- My mom was never there for me emotionally; she only provided financial support.
- My dad lives in Florida, but he doesn't care where I live --- as long as I'm happy.
- I would much rather live with and legally belong to my grandparents because my mom, I swear, is bipolar and emotionally abuses me all of the time.
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Miztiessy : It could happen. Your grandparents need to talk to a lawyer. If your mother is willing to sign the papers it should be quick and easy and not very expensive.
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Android Phones : I'm in the state of North Carolina and I'm 17. I got caught stealing a $12.00 dollar pair of earrings from kohls. I have NEVER been in trouble with the law I have a completely clean record. I was just wondering what I should expect in court? I'm so nervous. Also, do I plead guilty or not guilty? Do I get a court appointed lawyer? I admitted to the police that caught me that I took them and gave them back to him, I did not get arrested. Any information would be great. Thanks!
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Jervedriple : A public defender is generally something you need to apply for, google public defenders in your county and see what you come up with.

That said, plea not guilty, it will be set over for another hearing down the road, work with an attorney so you can get a deal that keeps this off your record. Community service and a year of probation and it goes away sort of thing.

It's not a big amount of money, but things like this just don't go away either.
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