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jajidmeu : Ok so I was arrested in the mid summer of this year and basically to keep a long story short I try Runing from the cops and I got caught while one officer hand cuffed me another came and hit me in the nose with his radio and due to that I have a bump on my nose a bit crooked but no really but it's noticeable and I am a 15year old what can I do so someone pays for a nose surgey I still have a court date

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UsefeDerb : stop tying to run from the cops
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Quewduetsaw : You were 'runing' from the cops and he hit you with a radio? Did it knock any *&^% sense into you?
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brilsBuri : That is what you get for breaking the law, running from he cops, and struggling.

There is no way you could prove it was on purpose.

Remember this lesson next time you think of acting like a fool.
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Reittyengewem : You have no case. When you attempt to resist arrest and run from the cops there is an expected amount of force to be used when apprehending you. Attempting to sue because of a little bump on your nose will get you nothing but lawyers fees and laughed out of court.
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Hoonorshani : I need to act like I'm Korey Wises Lawyer & I need to defend him. Help please! Thank you!
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Yopemrlde : The evidence is the confession of Mattias Reyes, who was the actual assailant, along with the DNA evidence that incontrovertibly linked him to the crime.

The problem with your question is that there was no evidence in the case that suggested that any of the five was *guilty*, except for their video-taped confessions. Had anyone really been trying to defend them, those confessions would have been easily discredited. They did not agree with each other in key details, while supposedly describing the same event; at least part of the confessions covered a time period at which the five were being questioned by the police; and all five were arrested in clothing that they could not possibly have worn while raping a profusely bleeding woman in a muddy puddle.

Unfortunately, the five all admitted guilt not only to the police in their video-taped confessions, but also told their own lawyers they were guilty. Add to that the fact that their original arrests were for 'gang-groping' young women in the park that night, and it's easy to see why their defense lawyers coasted instead of trying their hardest.

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