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Kecysypecrade : OK, this one is a bit technical, for all of the lawyers out there.

I'm a paralegal student in California, and have a class project to type up a samle living (inter vivos) trust. My goal is, once I get it right, to prepare one for my own family's estate planning.

The problem is that I'm searching LexisNexis for a template, and I've found a "Revocable Trust for Unmarried Settlor," "Marital Deduction Trusts," "QTIP and Bypass Trusts" but no "Living Trust," "Inter Vivos Trust," or "Revocable Trust for Married Settlor." Sadly, my instructor's only practical experience is in Family Law, so he's uncertain as to which trust would be most appropriate, but none of the titles I've found seem to be what I need. Can anyone guide me to what might be the correct template? If it were just for the assignment, it would not be a huge deal, I'd just pick one, but as I'd like to prepare one for my family, I'd really like to get the correct instrument.

Thanks for any guidance you may be able to offer.

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RHIFTARRICH : "Living Trust" is a colloquial and not a legal term. Any of the revocable trusts you mentioned should do it. If you google (not lexis-nexus) living trust, you will also find a ton of them. If you want to pop for the money, you can buy the software for one at, or if you don't want to spend the money, they have an excellent book which you can pick up at the library.
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CorporSweergy : The most common trust, revocable living trust between spouses is also referred to as and A B trust.
Try doing a search for "sample A B trust" and you should get lots of examples. Here is one I found Just select the type of trust for the sample document.

Other documents should include durable power of attorney for property management, pour over will and advance health care directive.

Estate Plan Documents (for each spouse)

1. Revocable Trust
2. Will
3. Living Will
4. Medical Durable Power of Attorney
5. Financial Power of Attorney
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Vomehouth : A few months ago, a teen was imprisoned for making a tasteless joke on facebook. He spent 5 months in jail before he was released on a $500,000 bail, a week before the trial. It's been months since I heard he was bailed, and I have yet to see what the final verdict was, as if the media had totally forgotten about the case.
Was he sentenced to prison, was he set free, or is the case still on-going?
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wawlAbsesefap : His case is still ongoing. I'm his father. The media has indeed forgotten about the case, but I am actually grateful for that. I have a podcast that I am doing at (Brooks and Jack Podcast) and I will update the public on his case as it progresses. As of right now, there are something around 20 motions to dismiss last count and it's in pretrial mode, getting reset over and over and over. I have a feeling this is going to drag on for quite some time before life can get back to normal. Thank you for your support and your interest. The lawyers have pretty much cut me out of the loop, probably a protocol so I won't leak anything to the wrong place. If you want to know more, go ahead and ask, I will answer to the best of my ability.
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