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Appaniadutt : I am a teacher at a preschool and have worked here for almost 3 years. I recently switched classrooms and now work with the 4-5 year olds. I have already had 13 out of 16 of these children in a previous classroom. The parents know and love me, and I have a great relationship with them. One of the students' parents, that I have not known before now, have accused me of hitting and dragging their child. They reported it to the state and also to our franchise relations, and so I was put through an investigation. During this time, I was not allowed in my classroom (12 work days) There were witnesses in the room the day that the parents claim I hit their child (including a corporate representative conducting a quality assurance visit) they all went on the record and claimed my innocence and the report from the state came back unsubstantiated (since there were no witnesses of this happening and no marks on the child). They are very unhappy that I was found innocent and am back in my classroom and are now threatening to take this to the press. If they do this, can I sue for defamation of character? I used to be so comfortable and sociable at work and now I feel like people are judging me negatively. I have had a lot of parents reach out to me because they know I would never harm a child, but I feel like this will always be in the back of people's minds. I am worried because as a teacher, you get background checks when you apply for jobs and someone claiming that I hit their child will definitely affect my future negatively. Any advice for me? thank you.
*the child said that I hit and dragged her which is why the parents say it. (A 4 year old trying to get out of trouble blaming other people for their actions)

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Flugsoors : oh boy
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sxgigifsbsxl : What did the child say, since you did not tell me that i can not honestly answer this!
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Gysrere : If you were cleared of the charges and "someone" printed info to the contrary for the SAME INCIDENT, yes, you would have grounds to take action.

You would sue for damages you can prove - lost income, mental anguish (confirmed by a Physician), things along those lines that caused MONETARY damages.

The parents have already claimed that you hit your child. Your record will reflect the charge and the disposition. Did a trained professional question the child? What did the child say?
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RoyabyRor : If they do go to the press, it is unlikely that the press will report anything, once they realize that it was already investigated. HOWEVER, in order to sue for defamation, you're going to hve to prove that they not only told lies, but that they KNEW them to be lies. But in reality, the only factual statements they are likely to make are that their child told them you dragged him. There is no way to prove that to be a lie, since they are merely reporting what their child told THEM.

In effect, it's not illegal to report what someone else said.

That being said, you should get yourself a lawyer, who can at least throw around some legal threats if anything comes of it all.
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Wourryallebra : It's nearly impossible in America to file a defamation suit and win. we all encounter problem people now and then. Just try to put it behind you.
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orgaphocuroto : I'm 16, and I live in Oklahoma with my Nana. My mother is my legal guardian, and my biological father has never been there for me/ payed child support/ etc. My nana has practically raised me as my mom went on to have 2 other kids with different men, one of whom is locked up for the rest of his life. Her boyfriend and I have never gotten along, he is an alchoholic and can be very verbally abusive and can not stand me, and I can not stand him, so I don't stay with her. Like I said, my Nana has taken care of me , but now she's in a tight spot, and I was wondering what kind of process needs to happen, if there's anything I can do, to see how I may emancipated, or atleast able to work a full time job and live on my own, as my Nana has to move, and I don't want to be a dead weight, I am prepared to live on my own and have several jobs lined up and can handle it, I'll do whatever I need to, I just need to be able to be independent/ hold a job to help my Nana out, please and thank you for all/ any info.
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arcadeismyname : Sorry either you go back to Mommy or you're in a foster home situation emancipation is for minors who "have" jobs that pay a living wage that's why a vast majority of the few emancipation's granted each year go to child celebrities and heirs.

1) You have to earn enough money to pay full market rate for EVERYTHING rent, food, medical insurance, clothing, transportation and you can't have ANY outside help.

2) You have to already have a job and a 3-6 month history of paying ALL your own bills you can't have roommates, you can't rent from friends or family and you can't get public assistance. This is what screws most applicants as a minor you can't sign a binding contract so nobody is going to give you a lease. A child celeb or heir usually have a lawyer who can handle things like that.

3) You have to have a history of good grades (B average) and you have to graduate high school with this same average most judges won't accept a GED.

4) You have to convince a judge that you're an adult who has a viable plan for their future unless your petition involves your next album tour or big budget movie or protecting your trust fund from greedy parents your petition will probably fail. "I don't like my Mom's bf" is a constant drone from many children most adults can keep that kind of stuff to themselves.

5) Your Mom has to agree to your emancipation this means she'll have to forgo any benefits she gets from the state for you.
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