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intuiciog : I've recently moved into an apartment and have noticed several problems the landlord neglected to tell me. The water is unsanitary and has a dingy odor to it, he didn't clean the carpet like he claimed, unsafe stove, and many others. I called him and told him to repair all of these but he basically shrugged it off and said he'd do want he can. I contacted tenant services and they were no help and I contacted the building inspection and seemed like they didn't care. The only other option is to get a lawyer but I shelled out so much money on the rent and the deposit. I don't want to leave this apartment because it is conveniently located near my school and my job but is there anything else i can do to force him to do his job?

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Etepsips : file a lawsuit, which will cost you even more money.
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Vidsgaga : I believe the Building needs to be up to a certain living code. If you can prove it is not, I believe your landlord is subject to a penalty. I think you may also have the right to refuse to pay rent until s/he fixes the issues.
You need to document all the issues, and document anything that happens to prove your case for legal reasons.
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origneeficigo : If it is not up to Code call your local Housing Inspector. If it is up to Code but not up to your standards you will have to live with the conditions.
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wiesaddlibe : You type a letter stating that you will no longer be paying rent, instead, the full amount of your rent will be deposited in an escrow account until all repairs and revisions are made. That is your right, but, you also have an obligation, that is to actually follow through with your claim in the letter. Then, you have to turn over the rent when the repairs are made.

Believe me, the owner does NOT want to hire a lawyer and go to court any more than you do. It is an additional expense, and a loss of time. The landlord will likely "get in the @55 of the maint. dept or person and get things done to get the money. Don't delay!
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Chilliarnip : He has no control over the water supply. Gripe to the water company.

Once you took possession all cleaning is yours. You clean the carpets.

Why is the stove unsafe? I really can't comment on that because it is so vague.

BTW, he is the landlord, not your personal servant. You can't tell him what to do. Your view on his role and yours, not to mention your place, is skewed.
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Mobfabybrirty : I'm trying to come up with a way to describe my ex father in law because i am trying to word a letter to a judge describing what i've dealt with. The reason i am doing this is because i'm taking my exwife to court for custody of my kids. My kids are 10 and 8 and for the past 7 years, i've only been on visitation because my ex and her father told the courts when we first split up that i was abusive and threatening, which i am not at all. They fabricated some rediculous crap that never even happened. The whole time i was married the father in law was constantly belittling or trying to prove he was better at stuff to the point where i was too annoyed to go anywhere with them. I have been moving all over the country for the past 8 years so really the visitation was better anyways, but now i have a job back near my kids and i'm ready to get custody. Also about 6 months ago, my youngest daughter, age 8, hit me in the face and i asked her why, she said "you hit mommy" and i was just appalled, she obviously is taking the lies to a new level and trying to turn my kids against me. Just want to know some intelligent way to explain this when i go to court, because my appearance isn't the smartest looking one, i pretty much look like a meathead, which has burned me in the past. Thanks alot, Paul
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biddeteemict : Get a haircut, dress well, and talk to a lawyer.
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demBiniadiack : The only possible way for you to get custody is to hire a lawyer. Without a lawyer you have no chance at all. Even with a lawyer you don't have much of a chance.

Just as an example of why you need a lawyer. The way your father in law treated you makes no difference at all. Not one little bit. This is a child custody case. The only thing that matters is the children. The fact that your father belittled you is completely irrelevant. If you stand before the judge and present that kind of evidence the judge is going to tell you that you can't present that evidence and it's going to make you look like someone who's trying to get even.

Your ex has two things going for her. First she's the mother. It may be unfair, but that's what it is. Second, she already has custody. The courts think that it's better to keep it consistent, meaning that the current care giver keeps custody.
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