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WEal : I submitted my application on 5th of July 2012 under article 8. I came to the UK in 2009 and I met my wife in 2010, we got married in 2011 in our local church and we have our baby in May 2012. My wife has indefinite leave before I met her, which means our daughter is automatically a British. My lawyer made an application on my behalf on 5th of July, but the home office deny my application by refusing me and give no right of appeal. My lawyer wrote a letter to them for their wrong decision. They refuse me under the new law of 9th of July 2012 and my application has been made before then. Now my lawyer has been writing to them about this case and I haven't heard anything since 22nd of March 2013. So I am wondering if they can still consider my application or not. Is there anything I can do or if there is anyone who has gone through the same issue like mine should pls tell what to do. In addition, we didn't do our wedding in a court or church of England, so my wedding certificate is not included with the documents I submitted to them it's only my daughter birth certificate.

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xgevcrfz : so you did not actually get married in the eyes of the law of the land and you still think you have a right to appeal..................out of interest exactly HOW did you get married then. You say local church?? and yet this "church" does not give you the correct papers..
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Yopemrlde : Okay, the details are as follows...

- I am 16 years of age.
- I live in Michigan.
- My parents are divorced, and my mom currently has full custody of me.
- My mom and I have lived with my grandparents for 12 years until my mom recently moved out with her new husband.
- My grandma pretty much raised me herself. She has gained custody of my cousin in the past because she also had parental issues.
- My mom was never there for me emotionally; she only provided financial support.
- My dad lives in Florida, but he doesn't care where I live --- as long as I'm happy.
- I would much rather live with and legally belong to my grandparents because my mom, I swear, is bipolar and emotionally abuses me all of the time.
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Miztiessy : It could happen. Your grandparents need to talk to a lawyer. If your mother is willing to sign the papers it should be quick and easy and not very expensive.
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