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Bockimike : Let me give you a short story so you know what’s going on.
My wife and I got divorced and have a 10 year old daughter together. My ex-wife gets her on week days and I get her on weekends. We have a female nanny that watches our daughter while my ex-wife is at work.
On Friday night (October 4th) my daughter tells me that she saw her mom and the nanny kissing. And asks me “Daddy why is mommy kissing another woman? “
I don’t want my daughter being exposed to that sick stuff. I want her to grow up and meet a nice guy and get married. She does not need to be seeing 2 women doing that stuff.
This is not the first time something like this has happened. I’ve caught my ex-wife in bed with women before. I can prove it. Cause I have it on film
My question is if I file for full custody of my daughter can I win and take her away from my ex? I don’t want my little girl seeing stuff like that. Plus she’s being left alone with a lesbian. It scares me too much.
I live in Colorado
I know my profile says im a woman. i put it there haha.

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trelfHexrurry : Your Yahoo! profile says you're female.

And given you're filming your ex in bed with other women, I'm going to go with: you're a troll.
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preadledema : Depends on the judge that you get if you file for a change in custody.

Since CO has a same sex union law that is essentially the same as marriage, and explicitly allows same sex couple to adopt children, the state of CO does not consider same sex relationships to be harmful to children in any way. If you say you are scared to have your child around a lesbian, you'll get nowhere.

However, morality clauses are not uncommon. You could have a requirement that the Ex-wife has no overnight guests or displays of affection while the child is present in the home. Just don't say it's because of the same sex issue.

Your chances of winning that motion? Talk to your local lawyer.
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Sictantee : Tell your ex wife that if she does knock it off you will file for full custody. That is not ok. my friends mom got full custody of her because her dad was gay
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Meego2012 : Bigotry is not grounds for gaining custody of a child. The court will deny your petition without review.
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TookCeveemera1981 : And what reason do you have that you feel the mother is unfit to raise the child? You talked a lot of her sexual preference, but you didn't list a single reason that she is unfit. Being gay is not contagious, so your daughter is either born like that or not.
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ArridoNop : Probably not as the laws and general public opinion are in your wifes favor. They let lesbian couples adopt children now so I doubt you could get custody. That said, you really need to be taking the question to an attorney who knows the county and the judges who would hear the case and how they have ruled on similar cases in the past.
Colorado, around Denver anyway, is now very liberal and that's why you need to talk to an attorney about it as he knows the way a judge usually rules on these things.
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Accopidanda : Troll,
Your exes morality, and the lack thereof has nothing do to with it, and FYI neither does yours.
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EricIQ : My dog and the neighbors dog had a dog fight. The owner of the dog was careless and tried to stop the dog fight with her arm and was bitten. It was dark outside and unclear whose dog bit her. Now she wants me to pay for half of the medical expenses and fence. I don't think that I should pay for any of it, since she has no proof that my dog bit her and is renting, so she cannot make decisions to change the property. My dog is now leashed and she has 3 unleashed dogs that are fenced close to her house...I also feel that if I pay for the expenses and fencing that she will eventually take me to court and, since I paid for the expenses, that makes me automatically at fault in the eyes of the law...what would you do if this were you?
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WHacostaZG : First of all where did the dog fight happen, in your yard or hers? whose dog wasn't on a leash at the time? If it happened in her yard, you are at fault for not keeping your dog restrained. If her dog was in your yard, her fault. As to the dog bite, that's going to depend on who was at fault for the dogs being allowed to be out where they could fight.
as to the fence, if you share the fence it is a 50/50 split on repair or replacement between the property owners, Not renters.
Not sure where you live but in most cities, if she reports the dog bite, they will come get your dog and quarantine it and also make sure it has all of its shots.
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