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ManexKand : I have a friend who has been in a relationship the last 2 years. Her boyfriend ( my brother) and her got into a fight this weekend. The cops were called and he was arrested for pushing her into a wall and making a hole. Now she is saying she doesnt remember what she told the cops as she was drunk just like he was. She didnt write a statement or sign anything saying what she said is true. The police did take pics of the scene but there were no physical damage on her. They took a pic.of her head where there were no cuts or bleeding from her head going into the wall. With this being said does he have a chance to win this case with the help of a good lawyer? He does have two priors of domestic from a few years ago but nothing of the sort on this case. What do u think his chances are? Especially with there being no proof that he did do what she said he did on the night of question? Any advice would sure help me to understand what's going to happen to my brother.

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zgjytkofcj : sounds like your brother needs to quit drinking and quit smacking his women up. he could win the case with a good lawyer, though. hopefully he learns his lesson this time, before he goes to jail and gets butt raped. they don't take kindly to woman beaters in jail. the jails and prisons are full of men who watched their moms get beat by their dads. he better pray to jumpin jesus that the judge doesn't throw the book at him.
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wattplailky : I would say he has but a chance and that is no chance
if he was not your brother you would say the same
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srfecti644 : >Can he be accused of domestic volience with no physical proof?

There was a hole in the wall that is physical proof and with his prior record it will carry a lot of weight in court. Domestic violence charges don't require visible physical injuries nor do they require a sworn statement from the victim. DV is a crime against the State and the State doesn't fool around the victim is just along for the ride. It doesn't matter what she remembers it only matters what she said at the scene in her drunken stupor.

>What do u think his chances are?

Very bad especially with a prior record of multiple DV charges.
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SwonMentsMece : Vinncent is right
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Aripooh0013 : "two priors of domestic" - It's just a matter of time. He'll probably get off on this one. Maybe even the next one. But eventually he's going to jail. Unless he learns to act better.
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jajidmeu : Ok so I was arrested in the mid summer of this year and basically to keep a long story short I try Runing from the cops and I got caught while one officer hand cuffed me another came and hit me in the nose with his radio and due to that I have a bump on my nose a bit crooked but no really but it's noticeable and I am a 15year old what can I do so someone pays for a nose surgey I still have a court date
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Quewduetsaw : You were 'runing' from the cops and he hit you with a radio? Did it knock any *&^% sense into you?
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brilsBuri : That is what you get for breaking the law, running from he cops, and struggling.

There is no way you could prove it was on purpose.

Remember this lesson next time you think of acting like a fool.
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Reittyengewem : You have no case. When you attempt to resist arrest and run from the cops there is an expected amount of force to be used when apprehending you. Attempting to sue because of a little bump on your nose will get you nothing but lawyers fees and laughed out of court.
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