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qifeng3787 : Okay, here's the situation: My husband is a student at a large university a few minutes down the road. I happen to work for a disabled student on campus, but am in no way affiliated with the university. Thanks to my status as Personal Assistant, I was granted a free parking permit which allows me to park in exactly TWO spaces. Since we live on a tight budget and share a car, I drop my husband off for his classes, and keep the car for my own needs.

Unfortunately, the parking services department discovered our arrangement and has informed me that we are REQUIRED to purchase a $90 parking pass for my husband or I will continue to receive citations (the reason for contacting them in the first place)! This is despite the fact that I only park on campus when working and my husband does not need to park.

I want to fight this, because it seems like extortion. How should I go about this?
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coachoutletolkc : discovered what arrangement? you aren't doing anything wrong by dropping him off, are you leaving anything out? like maybe some days your husband parks the car in your space(s)? if that is the case than the parking service is correct in making you buy a parking permit for him, however if he doesn't actually use your space you are not doing anything wrong.

you can contact a lawyer for a free consultation and do as he/she suggests.

i really don't see how the parking service has a leg to stand on, by your description you aren't doing anything wrong.
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sheenataft : I think they are in the wrong since you get the free parking permit, and since it seems your using it correctly. I would try and fight that as well, as if the classes themselves don't cost a ton already.
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BuyAbilifyST : It might depend on how your status as personal assistant and parking works. The disabled guy is the one technically entitled - not you - unless you paid for your permit. You simply drive him around. That permit may be *only* for his car, not yours. I would try to clarify that first. If this is the case, then you are in the wrong.
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oem software buy : I went to stop and shop, came home and when I sliced the bread right in half, there it was, the mold. I called stop and shop and said "money back" I said no because this is a big deal. If I ate that bread, I could of died. I know its mold "black mold"(verydangerous) because I got in contact with ocen and they contact me back a month later telling me that's it. I treathend to sue them, and even show this on TV, trust me I can. They said don't get in contact with your lawyer, or TV, they contact me back with a silly offering of 100 dollars, which is not worth me getting sick and possibly losing my life. What can I do, because if they don't start offering up, I am going to put it on TV, which will dramatically cut their sales of bread, even other products that involve baking, since this truthfully is disgusting, my kids don't even want to eat anymore, but anyways, if I do sue them, what can I get out of it?
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Sleeryrub : You're evil. Try reading an expiration date!
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Abigail_West_Virginia : You didn't EAT it. If you'd eaten it and gotten sick, then you would have cause for a lawsuit. And by your OWN ADMISSION, you didn't see the mold until you cut it in half. Which means that THEY couldn't have seen it either. All you are out is the cost of the loaf of bread. They offered to replace it. They offered you $100. Now, they should tell you to go to hell, as they are.
And, if you "put it on TV and try to cut their sales", YOU will be slapped with a lawsuit so fast it will make your head (what little there is of it) swim.
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Akassir : This is how I know (and all thinking, rational people) know this didn't happen:

>They said don't get in contact with your lawyer, or TV, they contact me back with a silly offering of 100 dollars<

Not in a million years.

For actual people doing research down the road who come across this question - you would be entitled to a fresh loaf of bread. Some stores might even refund the money if you don't act badly. In no circumstances would "nearly" eating moldy bread lead itself to a lawsuit in which you would recover damages
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Barrythelry : penicillum's not going to kill you hahaha relax, just kill the mould in a toaster if you're that worried about it but you could still eat it, might do you some good.. o okay you're not talking about that are you haha should have read thru the rest of it.. i don't know anything about black mould, you may have been wise to avoid it.. still tho, that's not the shop's fault, it's the fault of the manufacturer of the bread, most food companies have on their packaging that 'if you're not completely satisfied with the contents you can have your money back', contact them .. tho i think they won't give you your money back if you bought it after the sell by date .. i say take the $100, sounds like enough compensation to me, there was no harm done .. and shop at local bakers in future in stead of supermarkets, support your economy, remember it was your own greed and shortsightedness as much as theirs that caused you to maybe perhaps possibly put your life in danger
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chopilborgorb : "my kids don't even want to eat anymore" - If you can get a doctor or therapist to testify that your children now have an eating disorder because of this moldy bread, then you might have a law suit. But I doubt if you can prove this in court, because I doubt that it's true.
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