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Heerriern : my apts towed my car bc the parking sticker was expired, but they never gave me a new one. it expired on 8/5 and when i renewed my lease they didn't say anything about my sticker would be expiring and i'd need a new one. I've lived here for 3 years and now this year its a problem. I live in student housing and usually when we sign a lease we get new stickers to put on for the next year, they expire every aug. well i didnt get one this year - they didn't mention it and i didnt think to think about it. i asked her why didn't anyone notify me and she said they put out notices in the clubhouse and shuttle all aug, but i dont go to those places. she also said they sent out emails 3 times about the permits and that towing would resume after labor day bc they didn't tow in august for new residents. well my car got towed last night. how can i fight this? they should've gave me a permit when i signed my lease in june, its not my fault they didnt have them yet. what can i do??? i feel like they are getting rich of college students and we suffer for it. my dad who's also my guarantor said he'd contact a lawyer but that wont be til Monday. what are our chances?

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datswo2012 : Not a lot. If they do it every year then they don't have to hunt you down. You KNEW it had expired but did nothing. Just from that you lose any complaint.
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teexarige : Today I got a call from my lawyer and he said we are about to enter the negotiation phase of my settlement.. Whats bothering me is, even though I have not come out and asked him directly.. I have no clue what to expect or roughly expect to get out of my claim.. Here's what happened. I was with my girlfriend at a sports bar eating dinner and I went to the bathroom.. When coming out of the bathroom some dude went ballistic accusing me of looking at his girlfriend.. I told him I didn't even look at her and had my own girlfriend, sitting at the table next to them.. The guy got up in my face and started screaming about how he knows the people that work here and will have me " Taken out".. I laughed him off and went back to the table.. My girlfriend said she wanted to shoot a game of pool after we had our food, so we started playing pool at the pool table.. Out of nowhere and without warning, a bouncer came up to me and sucker punched me so hard that I blacked out unconscious.. When I woke up again, he was sitting on my chest and it was difficult for me to breath.. I asked him to get off of me and her re-positioned himself into a straddling position, and started whaling on my face.. Next thing that happens he stops punching and a woman with my bar knees down and asks me to sign our bill... So I signed it literally with the dude on top of me, after I signed it she told me never to come back again and the guy got up and dragged me out side in a headlock... He caused a minor back injury and some damage to my face resulting in about 9 thousand dollars worth of medical.. My lawyer told me the " Responsible party is being responsible" whatever that means and " Things are going well " with my case... 33% of my settlement goes to him but I have no clue what to expect?
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Etepsips : I have an ex husband who has tried to keep control over me since I left him by using our child. I have been remarried for 5 years and even this past summer our son came home saying his father said he can't call my current husband dad. My husband has been in my son's life since he was 2 and calls him dad on his own. Recently my ex contacted me and said we needed to talk. He explained that he wanted to sign over his rights to my husband because he knows he's his "real" dad and that our son throws tantrums with him and he just can't deal with it anymore. He still wants (a very small amount of) visitation with our son, which I wouldn't deny... I'm just curious, what could he have up his sleeve? He wants ME to file the paperwork and pay the filing fee, he refuses to help but he says it's not about getting out of child support. Of course, I'd like to jump on this to get him to quit being able to control me and manipulate my life through our son but someone told me it might be too good to be true. Someone told me I should get a lawyer and find out the CONS to this. I'm really just baffled by this.

His wife doesn't want kids or have any desire to have kids, I'm thinking that if he signs our son over then he can move out of his state. I currently live in CA and he currently lives in a different state where his child support is significantly lower. I think he knows if he moves out of the state that CA will take jurisdiction and the child support will probably triple. I'm just trying to wrap my mind around why he would all of a sudden be so willing.......a little TOO willing.....

Please don't tear me apart I have been complaint and never with held his child. We chose to live 3 states away from me and his son and I've done everything I can to ensure they have a working relationship, even had my son on the tarmac when he got home from a past deployment.
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