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RoaltGall : In 2006 my husband was in a very serious car wreck. He suffered many life threatening injuries. A manufacturing defect caused his wreck, he received a recall notice a few weeks after his accident. He met with the lawyer and hired him to represent him. Every so often my husband calls to find out the details of his case and he has been given numerous updates and the lawyer is never available to speak directly with him. Here are a few of the updates he has been given:
--We are waiting on a bill from the hospital.
--We are waiting to hear back from the manufacturer.
--The manufacturer made an offer but it was much too low.
--Mr. "Lawyer" is getting ready for a big criminal case and has not had time to work on your case.

We're sure the statue of limitations has run out at this point, and we were trying to find out what we should do? Is this a normal thing lawyers do?

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Jennitin79 : Fire him and hire a new lawyer.
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HireeLarp : You're trying to deal with someone who knows much more about the law and what he can get away with than you ever will.
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aZoTGwFg : Product Liability statute of limitations depends on the state.
Go here and click on your state:

A lawyer is just like a gardener or a barber...if you are not getting what you want go find a better one. Make sure to look carefully through any contract for legal services you've signed though. If you have a contract that says he gets to make all decisions and keep 30% of whatever he gets, it might be hard to fire him.

Take that contract to another lawyer who specializes in personal injury. Those guys are bloodthirsty and if there is any money to be made they'll let you know.
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EasedSokStoks : I got caught with a 1/2 oz of marijuana in texas, my lawyer is going to get me on a deferred program so i can move to california and go to college, i was wondering if while on the deferred program i could get a medical card and smoke marijuana ( i have severe anxiety and adhd), i asked my lawyer and she said yes i could smoke if i got the medical card, but im still not sure because its a marijuana relate offense (it was a class b misdemeanor) . So can i get a medical card? Please only real answer theres no point in being rude to me:(!
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harbour3730 : there is no medical marijuana law in Texas.
You are not yet on the deferred program. You do not yet live in Calif. And until you move to Calif, no one can tell you what they will do there.
Right now, you are breaking the law.

Sorry if you consider a TRUTHFUL answer to be "rude". That is don't always get what you want/ expect.
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Kesseneli : no, with a marijuana offense you might not even get a card. even if you do, no way jose.
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FLestesWP : i don't think they give medical cards in texas, but i'm not sure.

i think Raoul's comment is false, i'm pretty sure that smoking marijuana would not lead to them not allowing you to use marijuana, as many people use marijuana before they can legally because it works for them.
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daunkwoorousa : You could get a doctor's recommendation that you use marijuana, which would allow you to legally possess marijuana under California law. Nothing you have stated would bar you from doing that. The question is whether possession of marijuana, which would still violate federal law, would be a violation of the terms of your deferred program. I am not an expert in Texas law, but I would want to get some assurance from the court which allows you to participate in that program that marijuana use as authorized by the laws of a different state will not subject you to punishment for a violation in Texas.
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azikmanich : If it is month-to-month rent, yes, you are expected to pay for the full month even if you were just planning on staying there for a week or two. You were not signed up for "day-to-day" or "week-to-week" rent, after all.

However, there is no contract, so legally you are not required to pay for the full month. Since you received an eviction notice, I believe you only have to pay up until you were evicted. However, some judges may rule that this means the final month. Just maintain your composure and explain what happened. It sounds like you have a decent shot of winning this, even though yes, initially you were the one in the wrong.
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