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Pesepiopabs : He left out the phrase allowing me to transfer these rights to my heirs or assignees. This was done in June of 2012. An attorney said to me I still have time to take my case to a court to fix this. However I dont have the funds to hire a lawyer. I can file a case for a cost of 367.00 But I cant find any forms on any website. How can I do this I was told by local court in Tennessee that I would have to file my case in a petition or complaint. Iwould have to use legal language in those items to the court, Can any one help.

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Varvef : Appearnly people didnt uderstand my last question so let me rephrase. I currently live in texas i got caught with a 1/2 oz of marijuana.(a class b misdemeanor not a felony) My lawyer is going to get me on Deferred program so i can, and WILL BE moving to california to attend college. Once i am in california can i get a medical card and smoke medical marijuana while on the deferred program? I have asked my lawyer and she said yes i can. But im still not sure. Please no rude answer just straight to the point.
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Mznuulka : Exactly the same as before.
NEVER assume that your lawyer is "gonna" do this or that, until it happens. I understood perfectly.
Until you are a Calif resident, you cannot do anything. And there is no guarantee you will be able to get a card there.
Common sense/ experiences. Lawyers can tell you lots of things, but they don't have crystal balls.
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paasathkaqaas : You could get a doctor's recommendation that you use marijuana, which would allow you to legally possess marijuana under California law. Nothing you have stated would bar you from doing that. The question is whether possession of marijuana, which would still violate federal law, would be a violation of the terms of your deferred program. I am not an expert in Texas law, but I would want to get some assurance from the court which allows you to participate in that program that marijuana use as authorized by the laws of a different state will not subject you to punishment for a violation in Texas.
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Poendypyday : scheduled for a disability hearing appeals date on 9/10/2013,on 9/9/2013 i received a call from my advocate informing me that i didn't have to go to the hearing because the judged ruled in my favor.he told me i should receive a letter in the mail and payments in a month or so,i reside in New York and would like someone to enlighten me on this process.
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GLAGOGARBOSSE : You are lucky, since most people who apply get rejected and have to appeal it a 2nd or 3rd time to get awarded. And even then, can lose. My husband (a lawyer) had 1 client that took 6 years and 4 appeals to get it awarded.

Obviously, your disability is not in dispute, so no hearing was needed and happens with some kinds of disabilities, they just call and say you won.

You will get a letter from Social Security w/in a week or 2, that will tell you the amount and how much you will receive each month. They will tell you when it will start and how much. The 2 months is about right and does not matter where you live, is the same in all states.
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