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4seoonekenobl : I really need to have a question answered and no lawyer will answer it unless I hire them for the case. I had a joint custody agreement child would spend one week with mom and one week with me. Switching every week. But she was still getting 40% of my income in child support so I don't have enough money to support the child so I have not been taking the child on my weeks. This has been going on for about a year. Now she is taking me to court to get full custody because I have not been participating in joint custody. The court date is 3 months away and she i asked to see my child and she says no because I wasn't doing it before. Can she keep him away from me at this point? Should I keep trying or wait until court? Also I just came in contact with an old roommate of herds discovered she is drinking every weekend and beating my child. I've called child services before but they did nothing. What do I do? Do I have a case for custody even though I haven't been able to see my child? Help plz

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Sictantee : What you should have done is gone to court for modification of your child support since you had shared custody.

Keep trying to see the child. Keep a journal of your attempts, her refusals, and your actual contact with the child (telephone calls, cards, email if the child is old enough, skype etc)
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Meego2012 : If you have a court order stating that you get the child every other week, she cannot legally withhold your parenting time. Document all the times that she denies you, and discuss the matter with your lawyer (something this important, you don't want to take on yourself).
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Gedoarouddy : During 5th period i went to a classroom that had a restroom in it, the door was unlocked so i went in and used it,( i had to go #2 and all the restrooms have pee all over the seats which is why i went to this private restroom) during the time it was considered ditching because i wasnt in 5th. So i didnt want to get caught. I was by the door where there were imacs lined up and all the keyboard and mouses in a bag. i had my arm over 1 imac because i was resting it while leaning to look out the window. (so i wont fall) During that time a custodian enters the room from the extra door and says hey! so i run out and just so happened to be, a security officer seen me so i ran and tried to jump the fence but the security grabbed on to me and took me to the office. He said i was a theft and i kind of told him off because im not a theft and i speak my mind. the discipline guy was right there and he seen me arguing with the security and he said to just calm down because we were both angry. so i did and he explaiied to me what was going to happen. The cop then came and wrote me a ticket "citation" i guess for burgulary. He said it was a felony. They said they had a witness(custodian) and supposedly i had it in my arm (yea right a big screen imac that im going to carry out on campus where everyone can see me) . Anyways i was involved in a fraud case that my friend involved me in and i got a felony at the age of 15, i served probation for a year and 98 hours of community service. i Finished in july 2013 (i am now 17) the court said i did a good job and that my record was going to be sealed/expunged. Now with this crime (felony) will i have to serve time or what is going to happen? i didnt do it! no one was there but me and that old custodian. so they went with his story of course. Also, they are going to send me a court date in the mail or possibly just a probation officer i am assigned to. My main questions are: Will i have to serve time for something i didnt do?
Will they be able to see the felony i committed 2 years ago?
Will i need a lawyer?
Or what will they do to me?
I Already got suspended for 5 days and pending expulsion ( decision up to vice principal)
Please no stupid comments, everyone makes mistakes and sometimes get convicted of stuff they didnt do
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Âàðâóëåâ : Just tell the truth and you should be fine.
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Aluggegorrunc : I don't think your record is expunged until age 18,
so, in short, you're probably screwed. Better think before you act
from now on.
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quegoglenossy : A few months back I was shopping with my younger cousin who shop lifted some shoes when we were trying on clothes in the dressing room . Long story short, she denied it and since the shoes were in my bag I was the one who got in trouble.

The officer didn't arrest me, I just got a misdemeanor and a citation for court. I ended up hiring a lawyer, went to court, and went through a diversion program to keep my record clean. I was just wondering if this will show up on a background check any potential employers would run?

Thanks for your help!
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