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Bdyysre : I moved into an apartment a year and a half ago. Upon moving in I found out there was a terrible roach problem. I notified the landlord and 5 treatments later they were finally under control. I went from seeing 20 a day to 2 in 2 months. After a heat wave a month or so ago, they came back. I notified the landlord and I also found out another apartment had roaches as well. (A whole long story about that later). Next thing you know last Wednesday I'm given a notice that they will be inspecting my apartment on Thursday. Thursday rolls around and I get a knock at my door to a man whom I've never seen saying he is here to inspect my apartment. He said he was the building owner and had every right to after I just asked, "Why are you inspecting?" He proceeded to put his hand on my door and push the door open and enter my apartment before my landlord popped up behind him and said Oh this is the building owner. He went through my closets, fridge, microwave, stove and oven and claimed that a small piece of pepper in my stove was a "roach buffet". I had just cooked it that morning and there was no way I was going to clean a hot freaking stove. He then proceeded to go into my bathroom and go through the garbage in there before opening my bathroom shower doors and taking pictures. He then asked if he could come back at night or in the AM to see the live roaches. I said I'd prefer not because I work nights. He just replied with a smug look and we'll see.

Fast forward 4 days and I have another notice on my door saying they are now doing a "formal inspection". At this point I feel as if I am being searched for no good reason, they haven't given me a reason as to why they are searching my apartment even when I ask. I feel like this is bullying/harassment. As of now, what rights of mine have been violated and where do I stand as far as him going through my things goes?

I'm very confused and I have read the California landlord tenant handbook pretty much from front to back. He seems to be in violation of a few things but I'm not exactly sure. I have spoken with a lawyer but due to lack of funds (which is a reason I haven't moved out yet) I haven't been able to officially hire her yet.

Any information or how I should proceed would be great, even if you just recommend going to see a lawyer.

Thank you for everyone who has read this!
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zmvxowm633 : roaches can spread disease and roaches are the hardest pests to get rid of, they can live on the smallest speck of residue. Put borax down under cabinets and that will help to eliminate some of your problem. The building owner has a responsibility for extermination set up an appointment. He needs to give you 24 hour notice. Exterminating one location is not effective he has to do all.
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nuappifania : You're screaming roach problem, and yet, you're whining because they want to inspect your place?

It is entirely possible that your place is the source of the problem. Not because of you, but because of the tenant before you. If so they need to know about it. You need to cooperate if you want the issue fixed. The building owner has a right to inspect, and would probably deem it an emergency if you took him to court over it.

Jeez louise. Common sense.
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maolekmtol : He has to right to inspect your place. Never heard of LL building inspector going trough your fridge ^^
But he does have the right to re-inspect because of roaches, he wants to find out the source. Clean your place real good and be done with it.
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emapseassew : I had an accident a month ago. The MPD police officer hit me when chasing kids when they were doing drugs. I had to have surgery twice and see a psychologist for my trauma. My broken bones are healing pretty fast but I'm very traumatized when driving or crossing the road.
I recently received my first bill from the hospital. I almost passed out when I saw that. It read $76.456.17 after insurance. What am I supposed to do?
Sorry I was gonna say, I'm paranoid when driving or crossing the road. thanks
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Steelioth : You would need to hire a personal injury lawyer. They will love this case because cities have big pockets. They typically work for 1/3 of the settlement.
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trobolcarbope : Get a personal injury lawyer. You can make them and yourself rich on this one.
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Accighirlholi : First get a lawyer . Second be prepared to get harassed by all the officers, they do that crap. Third make sure you have witness, prove/ pictures. Might also want to take it up with the highest court in your state, because it might get passed off like mine did. Just go to the higher power . Will cost a heck of a lot of money, but if you really want to peruse it, start with those steps.
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SpitlYslowito : Get a lawyer, the city have a nice insurance policy to cover that type of incident.
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EduKui-Heru : So here is some background info. Two years ago my boyfriend got in a fatal accident in my car. He was not on my auto insurance and didn't have a license. He failed the right away from leaving a private property parking lot and the truck that struck him was speeding. The fault was on my bf because he failed the right away.His friend that was in the passenger seat survived as well as the other driver but my bf did not. Now I am being sued by the other driver and his friend for their injuries from the accident. Since he did not have a licence and was not on my insurance I'm the one to blame. Which I do understand that I messed up by making my car available to my bf. So my question is what could happen to me if they win?I live in the state of Texas. I work paycheck to paycheck to support me and my daughter. I don't have property nor money to give these people if they win. I know I need to get a lawyer but what kind of lawyer would I need to look for? I know it looks bad that I let an unlicensed individual have access to my car but his friend (that is trying to sue me) knew he had no license and got in the car with him when they could have easily taken his friends car (which was there at the time) . Could I possibly use that against him? ugh I'm just so over whelmed and have no idea what to do. I'm only 21 and never thought I would be in this situation. So I would greatly appreciate your advice in this matter. Please no rude comments I am going through a lot right now and can't bare anymore criticism. Thank you in advance
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