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Vordsmody : I am looking into my options of talking with a lawyer about what recently happened at my OBGN's office.

(Particularly about taking my blood out for a generic testing to see if I would be a carrier to my unborn baby for Cystic Fibrosis - which they did not ask me if I wanted to do, and later told me it was "routine" - which I do not believe is fair because it is my body.)

I'm not sure if I have a case, but I do not believe is in all means should be something that is allowed to happen, and I should have been notified they were doing this testing because I would have declined (they told me they were doing "routine prenatal testing").

What type of lawyer should I contact?
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cooffcoasoli : medical
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shumbamma : Start with, whoever you see or know to be a top rated attorney.
They will refer you to the best if after a short consultation, they cannot or will not take your case.

I so hated when a similar "routine testing" determined a false outcome in a work related x-ray.

So disrespectful to perform this way testing and procedures without consulting/informing you.

Find an attorneys office with free consultation. Best Wishes from there.
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Seillaclark : a stupid one. If you were conscious, you knew they were taking blood and agreed to it. The purpose of the testing does not change that. If it did, they might consider testing for cystic fibrosis to be "routine." So, find a stupid lawyer who thinks that you have a valid claim, and that you have been harmed in some way by what they did with the blood once you gave it.
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AvedaCleava : Child support is paid by the non custodial parent to the custodial parent.

So yes, she has to pay child support.
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dralcerly : She should, just as a father in the same situation would have to pay. How that amount is determined varies by the jurisdiction.
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Gonrersebesee : It goes by who has custody. So if she has custody, even if they're physically living with someone else right now, and you do not, then you would still have to pay child support to her.

If you have custody, then she would still have to pay it to you.
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LFsonia : Even if she worked and earned a million dollars a year, she would not have to pay. It would only be the man who has to pay.
Feminism is liberty with out responsibility.
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Guargeraffibeol : Angel, the non-custodial parent, male or female, has to pay what the court has ordered them to pay out of any income they may have. If you expect that she actually is working and she is not paying what’s been ordered to pay, bring it to the attention of the court.
Also, a clue about reading answers on this site: when you get 10 answers that all basically agree about the law, and then one answer that is the total opposite, that odd answerer usually has their head inserted into a very small and dirty orifice. And in this case, a highly gender biased one.

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Barrythelry : It all depends on what state this is. Each state calculates it differently. And it could end up that you pay her child support even though you have the kids. She will need money to support the kids during her time with them.

You need to discuss this with a lawyer where you live.

*EDIT* - Where I live (MN), it's based on the income of BOTH parents, how much time each has with the children, who pays day care, medical, and dental expenses, and other factors. Then each parent's contribution to the financial cost of raising the parent is calculated, and the parent with the higher obligation pays the difference to the other parent.
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