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meestsuekly : ... Before my father's wife children was in my will but things had changed and I thought it was easier to just have my children in the will.

She got mad and told me if I take her children out of my will she would sue me for everything I got. Are these just useless threats, or can she sue me for taking her children out of my legal will?
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glubalpcrulge : She cannot do a thing about what you put in your will. You have the absolute right to do whatever you want and she can sue but all she will get is a big legal bill.
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Dumpsypsurf : 1) Don't be telling her your business. 2) You can do whatever you want. You are not obligated to leave anyone anything.
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weebrorge : Why are you obligated to put her children, your step siblings, into the will? You are NOT, in fact you could give all your money & property to your cat or a friend, if you want to. Because it is YOUR money/property, it has NOTHING to do with her at all.

She can go ahead and attempt to sue you if she wants to, would love to see a lawyer take the case.
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Koposogie : Your big mistake was in telling her anything about what you were putting in your will. Next time, keep your mouth shut and tell NO ONE what you are putting in your will. If you think that people won't understand, you can leave a letter and a videotape with your LAWYER that will explain what you have done and why. As for this woman, she can't sue you for anything...these are NOT your children and because of that, you owe them absolutely nothing. Tell her to go ahead and sue but you will be counter-suing for your costs and for punitive damages as her lawsuit is completely without merit! Good luck and God bless.

Addendum: The above advice is based on you being in either Canada or the United States....if you are elsewhere, you should consult with your lawyer/attorney.
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arroraceags : My friend has a 3 year old son him and his sons mother have been broken up for 2 years now when she found out that he has been dating she became really upset and has been trying everything in her power to keep him from his son. he filed in court for visitation witch he did get every week .she then made a huge lie and got a PFA on him and the judge granted it to her with no proof or even a police report so idk how that happen. she thought because she had a PFA on him that it would stop his visits but it didn't she then stopped letting the son go to his father and he filed in court twice after that he did not have much for a lawyer but he hired on and the lawyer found a paper at the court saying she had gotten a PFA for her son as well valid for a year but he was never served or had any court papers mailed to his house for a court date or even a copy of this PFA so i am not sure how this has happen when he was not aware of any of this so my question is this possible to have this happen? is there anything he can do to fight it ?,its sad its valid for a year and he has no contact with him at all and there was no reason for any of this nor dose it not make any sence on how this could happen thank you for ur help
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Xenanicovan : Sorry, but this is very confusing and I got lost trying to figure out what you were saying. I don't know what a PFA is, which doesn't help.
HOWEVER - your friend's ex has no control over who he chooses to date, since they have been separated for two years.
I don't know what the 'huge lie' or the PFA are, so I can't get into any specifics there, but it sounds as though your friend really needs to see a lawyer to get this sorted out. If the child's mother lied in court to get an order changed, she is in contempt of court and can be disciplined, fined, and her testimony thrown out. But he really needs a lawyer to help him through this labyrinth.
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moment7q : Someone personal (I don't want to say who) was filed with second degree assault and it was a complete misunderstanding. I was having a panic attack and was just freaking out and I had tried to hurt myself with a knife but that someone tried to stop me and had to use force to so I had like barely a red mark on my arm just from the struggle and not anything that they were trying to hurt me but the cops were calling because the neighbors called them because I was screaming because I just had a break down. But because of the marks they assumed he hurt me and took him outside and the cops kept asking me over an dover and I couldn't think so I just said yes he hit me and that he wasn't sleeping. I honestly don't know what I was thinking, I couldn't think and I didn't think they'd arrest him I just didn't want them to know I had tried to kill myself. I am obviously not pressing charges and told the police that, but I know I still have to go to court but do I have to say something? Like will they ask me questions on the stand or can someone please tell me? And will I get in trouble for not telling the truth to the cops? I couldn't think. I still can't think it was all just a big blur to me and I'm scared they won't believe that. And what do you think will happen to that person?? He has a lawyer and everything and I really don't want him to get in trouble for loving my dumbass :/ Can anyone tell me what to expect??

Also, if they ask me questions, I honestly don't remember everything because I was just breaking down and everything is a blur. Can I just plead the fifth if I have to testify. And if I don't want to testify can I just not. Please someone haha help me understand what to do.
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