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Neenstookem : Help can my mom sue?
She had a fibroid sugery 29 days ago and now she had and infection due to them not cleaning her well. She went to the hospital 10 days ago and check with her surgeon and he said that is nothing, the swelling will went back down and a tomorrow after that it pop out and it's leaking now they want her to do another surgery.

Can she sue for that

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clilyq : Usually you sue if you can't get back something you lost. So if she lost money because she had to pay more medical bills, or she lost money because she couldn't go to work, or she became disabled etc., *AND* the hospital or doctor wasn't willing to pay her to make up for it, THEN she could sue and have a good chance of getting something.

The first step would be for her to talk to a medical malpractice lawyer.
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IgnoneHob : Sounds like he either didn't bother to do external testing to determine her issue (Didn't take enough interest) Or he just plain messed up. It sounds like that his was a Suit do to Medical Malpractice but you need to follow up asap with a local attorney. Most Attorneys may offer a free consultation which I recommend getting and explaining your situation. Here's a link with more information with the issue.
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Liaffobilfeli : How do u know its from not cleaner her well?infection is common with almost any surgery.some bodies fight it quickly and some have trouble.u can sue for anything medical but keep in mind unless it is just horrible malpractice like removing the wrong body part it will cost u like 5 grand just to pick up a lawyer.then if it takes several months it may cost you 50,000 and u might lose.if u had something like the wrong body part removed then most ambulance chasers would pick u up for free.
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CrycleClomoto : She signed a release that specifically provided for the risk of infection. Unless you can find another surgeon who can testify that here care was well beyond the levels represented by normal standards (and you won't), she has no case.
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alkaclemype : I doubt if you can sue. You say it's infected because they didn't clean it. That's an opinion not a fact. Your going to have a hard time finding anyone to back up that opinion. I know that when they look at the hospital records it's not going to say, "not cleaned".

What you would need is a doctor who say's the infection was caused by something the doctors did or didn't do.
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EricRU : Not unless she can prove that they caused the infection. Infections happen for many reasons and not just due to medical negligence.
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UCMatthew : She can sue, but she probably won't win, unless she can prove medical negligence. It's very possible for a medical team to follow all the normal procedures, but the patient gets an infection anyway. All human beings carry quite a lot of bacteria on and in our bodies, and some of those bacteria can cause really serious problems if they get out of control.
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RoaltGall : In 2006 my husband was in a very serious car wreck. He suffered many life threatening injuries. A manufacturing defect caused his wreck, he received a recall notice a few weeks after his accident. He met with the lawyer and hired him to represent him. Every so often my husband calls to find out the details of his case and he has been given numerous updates and the lawyer is never available to speak directly with him. Here are a few of the updates he has been given:
--We are waiting on a bill from the hospital.
--We are waiting to hear back from the manufacturer.
--The manufacturer made an offer but it was much too low.
--Mr. "Lawyer" is getting ready for a big criminal case and has not had time to work on your case.

We're sure the statue of limitations has run out at this point, and we were trying to find out what we should do? Is this a normal thing lawyers do?
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Jennitin79 : Fire him and hire a new lawyer.
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