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LodiniBof : Back in 2010 my family purchased a home in Calgary, AB, in the community where I grew up. They moved in, got settled, only to discover that the neighbor is a total nightmare. She is extremely aggressive, loud, and inappropriate.

For example, she would often march around her back/front yard and the street in front of our house and curse and scream that we were throwing rocks at her and that we were psychotic. She would scream at people who were visiting our home as they parked and walked inside. She would also threaten my little brother that she was going to snap his neck, or yell things like "your daughters are sluts and whores" or "I hope your dog chokes on his bone and dies". She used to scream about how she owned the neighborhood and she made the old owners move, and soon she'd make us move too. Which, eventually we did because it was unbearable.

Usually, this type of behavior was completely unprovoked. And when it was "provoked", that simply meant it was a nice day and we were having dinner outside on our deck, or vacuuming a car in the driveway, or raking leaves.

The police were called thousands of times over the two years we lived there and by former residents before us - but never had the police ACTUALLY done anything because she is known to be schizophrenic. We've since moved, and maintained a relationship with the new homeowners, who are now having the same problems. We had a large dog so she only ever screamed from her front yard at us, but because the new owners have no pets, she bangs on their door and screams at them for passing along mail or because "we must be working together to get her".

There has to be SOMETHING we can do to have a stop put to this behavior. It is absolutely disgusting that she has been allowed to do this to people for decades now. Can she be sued civilly or is there any legal remedy to this situation?
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goodevry12 : Wow, sounds as if you've lived through hell and now the new neighbors are experiencing a similar thing. If this neighbor is bi-polar and not taking meditation, then everyone around her has to experience her hostile abuse. It seems to be really a civil matter, which means the police will not become overly involved as they have little jurisdiction in civil matters as much as they enforce provincial law and federal law.

I'm replying because this happened to me in Montreal, when I lived there. And the police took the person away to jail, after I pressed charges when he threatened me, he was also a neighbor. He was also bi-polar, and he touched my arm, which made it a bodily threat. He was sentenced to a few days in minimum security, but was back out very shortly. After that he was forced to take his medications or go back to a group home or facility.

It's not their jurisdiction unless she physically harms someone, or damages property that is not hers. Which I'm certain you know now, after this history of her scary abuse. Fact is she is perpetuating abuse and she's taken away what's known as legally as: "Right to quiet enjoyment or right to use and enjoyment of property."

One of the things that occurred to me when you wrote about this, is that she should be put under a restraining order immediately.

So that she cannot come within a few feet of her neighbors door. My suggestion is that all records, pictures, video, voice recordings should be kept as a basis for this. That the only way this will work, is not by hearsay (which will not work in a court), but by actual recorded examples of her actions. And that means journals of her behavior with dates and details as well.

Taking pictures, and audio and web cam shots of her doing these things. Placing a web cam and recording the things she does and gathering evidence for a court case is the only way you can prove that any of this has occurred.

I wish you luck with this, I'm not a Lawyer but she is interfering with basic rights and freedoms.

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CialisFree : I have witnessed unethical and illegal activities at my job that I have pretty solid evidence to support. Our employee handbook states that if you witness unethical or unlawful behavior by another employee, we are encouraged to go to management without fear of retaliation or harassment. However, historically at this company people that go to management or human resources become the culprit and are harassed, retaliated against, and eventually terminated. My question is, should I go to management and show them everything I have, should I contact the government institution that regulates this industry, or should I contact an attorney and have the attorney contact either the company or the government institution? I want to do the right thing, but I also need my job.
I was not involved in the unethical/illegal activity, but because my job has direct ties to these activities and the individuals who performed the activities, if I don't say anything then I become part of the lie and become as guilty as they are. The activity involves falsifying company records and tampering with test equipment to help tests pass.
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schulerkhee3 : That depends on what you want to get involved with and the nature of what you have seen.

If it is unethical or unlawful things from management or in the company actions, you should go to the groups that regulate the industry.

If it involves yourself, an attorney would be the right route to go. If you're concerned about repercussions, you might want to involve them as well.

If you can document people who have gone to management, and then been terminated, that's also something you can take legally.

The ideal route is obviously management (how far up the chain have you gone?) but if that hasn't worked in the past and there is clear illegal activity is is entirely appropriate to go to government, lawyer, or industry representatives.
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Pete2011 : Report it to HR and the head of the company anonymously.
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vobNovepriera : don't do it. you may never work again.
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AvedaCleava : Child support is paid by the non custodial parent to the custodial parent.

So yes, she has to pay child support.
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dralcerly : She should, just as a father in the same situation would have to pay. How that amount is determined varies by the jurisdiction.
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esyez011 : A person has a responsibility to help pay for the support of their child whether or not they have a job. If the court orders her to pay, either you will need to cough up the money or she will have to get a job. And how can she be a stay at home mother if her kids don't live with her?
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LFsonia : Even if she worked and earned a million dollars a year, she would not have to pay. It would only be the man who has to pay.
Feminism is liberty with out responsibility.
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