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lenazhuck : so here's the deal i got arrested on controlled substance of spice in pearl river county they didn't find shit in my car they searched me didn't find anything then they tel me to leave and as i go to pull away they shout stop and i do they tell me to get out the car i did they put the cuffs on me go a pick up a pack of spice that was under my car they ask me if its mine i say no cuzz its not then as im sitting in the suv cop car they arrest a girl who has the same pack of shit they just got me 4 at this point i have requested a lawyer they have not read me my rights and they take me to the jail in Millard ms i spend 3 days in jail with no lawyer and then i got out now i got court on the 7th of October and i need some advise

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konwo724 : Now is time to find a lawyer.

It is not a requirement that an officer read you your rights when you are arrested unless the officer is going to ask you question about the alleged crime after you are in custody. Even if the officer fails to do so the only thing that will happen is the answers you provided can be excluded as evidence in court. This does not include identifying information.
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envivekes : I have tried to find a lawyer that will give me advice before reporting to the police, but haven't been able to find one for the victim.
I am about to report a felony to the DA. I am thinking about reporting other crimes, including felonies, that different person committed. The only thing is that I did something that is legaly questionable (hacking into a personal internet account). I think that even if it was reported, it is likely that I will not be held accountable. Should I ask the DA if it should be reported, and tell her what I did? If I ask her before it is reported, is it be more likely that I could be charged w/crime?
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GomiToido : Yes
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Allolacib : A district attorney represents the people of the locality in which he works, not the victim of the crime, so I would think there is no privilege where the victim is concerned.

You should absoluely not ask the DA for legal advice where you are concerned. If you ask her in her capacity as DA, you are not her client, the locality that is paying her is and if you hae committed a crime in that locality she may be obligated to pursue charges against you. Hire a private attorney for personal legal advice
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StoomyTog : Any crime, including a crime that you've committed can be prosecuted by the District Attorney. The District Attorney is not a lawyer for the victim, he is the peoples lawyer and is not necessarily looking out for the best interests of you as the victim especially if you've committed crimes yourself.

I would speak to an attorney before proceeding to make sure you're properly protected from potential charges before reporting them.
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Alea_SPe : The DA does not represent clients. He/she represents the State and prosecutes accused individuals.

If you want legal advise, open the phone book and find a lawyer.
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FDServicee : You are NOT A CLIENT of the District attorney, and there is no privilege. And they are there to prosecute criminal acts..NOT give you legal advice, one way or the other.
If the victim is being charged with a felony, he/ she requests a public defender from the judge. YOU don't get to do that for the person.
You are not yet charged with anything.. if you think you might be, you need to talk to a private attorney before that happens. If you give information that might incriminate you.. the DA can use that against you.
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arroraceags : My friend has a 3 year old son him and his sons mother have been broken up for 2 years now when she found out that he has been dating she became really upset and has been trying everything in her power to keep him from his son. he filed in court for visitation witch he did get every week .she then made a huge lie and got a PFA on him and the judge granted it to her with no proof or even a police report so idk how that happen. she thought because she had a PFA on him that it would stop his visits but it didn't she then stopped letting the son go to his father and he filed in court twice after that he did not have much for a lawyer but he hired on and the lawyer found a paper at the court saying she had gotten a PFA for her son as well valid for a year but he was never served or had any court papers mailed to his house for a court date or even a copy of this PFA so i am not sure how this has happen when he was not aware of any of this so my question is this possible to have this happen? is there anything he can do to fight it ?,its sad its valid for a year and he has no contact with him at all and there was no reason for any of this nor dose it not make any sence on how this could happen thank you for ur help
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Xenanicovan : Sorry, but this is very confusing and I got lost trying to figure out what you were saying. I don't know what a PFA is, which doesn't help.
HOWEVER - your friend's ex has no control over who he chooses to date, since they have been separated for two years.
I don't know what the 'huge lie' or the PFA are, so I can't get into any specifics there, but it sounds as though your friend really needs to see a lawyer to get this sorted out. If the child's mother lied in court to get an order changed, she is in contempt of court and can be disciplined, fined, and her testimony thrown out. But he really needs a lawyer to help him through this labyrinth.
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