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Bythindseitty : I was told that since I quit a job with a temporary agency that I will have to repay about $10,000. This was back in May 2012. This job wasn't going to last long anyway. The agency has to travel to the city and it is 15 miles from them. I have a hearing in early October. It looks like they have no attorney to represent them but I do. Since I only worked a day for this agency can their unemployment costs go up from me and does it sound like they will show up?

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Effitswes : uh...if you quit a job, you killed your unemployment. No matter what justifications you want to try and apply.

They have made their case; it'll be up to you to disprove it.
The employer isn't prosecuting you; the state is. And they have lawyers.

I hope the lawyer you hired is a good one.
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nanadokilalo : Quitting or refusing a job WILL disqualify you unemployment compensation. It doesn't matter if you only worked for one day, you disqualified yourself by quitting.
Yes, the temp agency's unemployment taxes WILL go up because of your actions. Your compensation is charged to your last employer, the temp agency.
Will they show up, you bet. Do they have an attorney, you bet. But then again, I can't talk for the temp agency.

Good luck
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nishop2012 : I can only assume that your former employer is the reason you are in this situation to begin with. Who else would have told the unemployment office that you quit the job, thus setting off this chain of events? It is definitely in their best interests to circumvent responsibility for your claim because companies that maintain high retention rates (at least on paper) enjoy lower unemployment tax.

Several years ago I was fired from a job for bogus reasons (they wanted to eliminate my position). I filed for unemployment, was denied after my former employer filed their answer, and I appealed it. They stuck with it every step of the way. The head of HR, my former boss and their lawyer all traveled to the hearing, armed with a personnel file that included a bogus written warning my boss stuffed into it after they fired me, and they won. It was my word against theirs and I had no way to prove what they'd done. I am sure it was well worth their time and cost because for a company with 1,000 employees, there could have been tens-of-thousands of dollars at stake in higher unemployment taxes if I had won my appeal.

Best of luck. Hope it ends in your favor!
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Williamismku : When you quit a job, you don't get unemployment.

What is the reason you say for this $10,000?

They will show up for the hearing, because if they don't, they lose, and it costs them money. 15 miles is NOTHING to travel.
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inciongqgn : Unemployment hearings are usually conducted over the phone.
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JedoLuddy : I dont want to hire a lawyer because they charge so high. So where exactly do I go to attain a patent. Do I just go down to my local patent office and say I want a patent. And do they take me to a examiner and thats it. Or is it something else
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RHIFTARRICH : Why were never published. strange deaths?
Rare and Unpublished Photos Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Natalie Wood and John F. Kennedy

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mashiwom : The reason for a lawyer is to make sure your patent is going to be valid, and to help you file the paperwork. Hypothetically you could do it on your own, but you could run into difficulties that would end up making you run in circles.
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Heerriern : my apts towed my car bc the parking sticker was expired, but they never gave me a new one. it expired on 8/5 and when i renewed my lease they didn't say anything about my sticker would be expiring and i'd need a new one. I've lived here for 3 years and now this year its a problem. I live in student housing and usually when we sign a lease we get new stickers to put on for the next year, they expire every aug. well i didnt get one this year - they didn't mention it and i didnt think to think about it. i asked her why didn't anyone notify me and she said they put out notices in the clubhouse and shuttle all aug, but i dont go to those places. she also said they sent out emails 3 times about the permits and that towing would resume after labor day bc they didn't tow in august for new residents. well my car got towed last night. how can i fight this? they should've gave me a permit when i signed my lease in june, its not my fault they didnt have them yet. what can i do??? i feel like they are getting rich of college students and we suffer for it. my dad who's also my guarantor said he'd contact a lawyer but that wont be til Monday. what are our chances?
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