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AaronV6 : By the way i have no record whatsoever me and some friends were in a housing project just playing basketball and we just sat down on the benches to chill. It was around 11:45 am we were cutting school and the signs didnt say no trespassing and a lot people from our school who dont live there. Go there a lot to play basketball or just chill. My question is do i have to hire a lawyer. And can i go by myself. Also this was in L.I.C NY and what are the fines for a first time offender of this violation im a little worried about this. And is it true the fine is between $25-$100?

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depslinee : Not much. However if you have no money apply for a public defender and plead not guilty. Alot of times they will just withdraw the charges rather than litigate something so simple. And as far as your record you are under 18 and its only a summary so i wouldnt worry about it. I have never seen a minor ajudacated over a summary violation. I can tell you this hiring an attorney will cost you ten times the amount of the fine.
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xgevcrfz : No signs? Did you have to climb a fence or open some kind of door or gate to enter? If not, it sounds like it may be a ploy to get you for the truancy that they seem to not be able to enforce directly. Go to court and plead your case. For you to have been trespassing there should have been some reasonable indication that you should not have entered the property, or you disregarded an appropriate warning by the property management to leave.

I recommend that you stop cutting classes.
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CobyStoll : Avoid going back to that property. You may be able to make the case that you had no prior warning that you were prohibited from being there. Now it is documented that you are informed you should not be there.
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Jamases : I had trained a dog for a couple from May 10th of 2013 through the middle of July. They were satisfactory when they picked up the dog. I had gotten a call from a potential buyer on Sept 22nd asking me what had been done in the training for the dog. I had told him the dog was fine. The only major issue we had was his barking and whining. The man understood because it was the characteristic of the breed. The man did not seem really impressed with the dog and the more we talked the poorer of a review I gave mistakenly. I had mentioned I had a Lab if he was interested and thats all I had said in that statement which was also a mistake.

I am not being sued for the lost sale of the dog and for the training fees I had charged them previously. I currently have 24 hours to respond to "make things better".

They were happy with the dogs training after they had picked him up and I have not been called since by the owners till the possible sale of the dog last Sunday.

What actions should I take? Do they have any rights to sue me?
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Invoixene : "I am not being sued..." Ah'm a-guessin' you mean "I am NOW being sued..."

There is a tort called intentional interference with a business relationship... but the obvious defenses are that the potential buyer had not yet entered into a purchase agreement with the seller, so there was no business relationship at the time of the call; also you did not "intentionally" interfere--the potential buyer called you. I am very glad to do your legal work for you for free. Now, will you train my dog for free? Seems fair.
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emibegomSit : They can try to sue but they are going to find that they on a very steep uphill struggle proving a case and will likely end up having to pay your legal expenses. People expect far too much and think they always have a legal case when they don't. It will then all be the judges fault. There Lawyer will tell them the likely cost and the chances of winning which are low - at which point you will not hear from them again.
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ik9q8o842j : anyone can sue anyone else. You might be asking if your state or nation recognizes a business-slander tort that prohibits slanderous statements concerning a product that is for sale. Most states do not recognize such a tort. For those that do, opinions are priviledged an expression of opinion will not be the basis of slander.
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Pesepiopabs : He left out the phrase allowing me to transfer these rights to my heirs or assignees. This was done in June of 2012. An attorney said to me I still have time to take my case to a court to fix this. However I dont have the funds to hire a lawyer. I can file a case for a cost of 367.00 But I cant find any forms on any website. How can I do this I was told by local court in Tennessee that I would have to file my case in a petition or complaint. Iwould have to use legal language in those items to the court, Can any one help.
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