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dsyez007 : I recently quit my job, but my employer hasn't payed me for the last week. I live in PA, is this illegal? The company is located in Maryland. Also, what can i do to get this money back? Ive had friends work for her before and they said when they quit, they also didn't recieve their last paycheck. I really don't want to go to court or get a lawyer for this. Also, part of the reason I quit was because she was asking for liability insurence. We had to buy liability insurence or else, we'd get fired. So, i quit. I was wondering if that was also illegal and what i can do to get my money.
I quit less than 2 weeks ago. Yes the payperiod has come up 3 days ago and no check. Other people have recieved their check and I owe nothing to them. I've called several times and they are simply ignoring me. So I guess I will follow a complaint. Thanks!

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noelleterrao : Call the employer tell them if the dont pay you then you will be forced to call labor and industry and the wage hour board. Also file a unemployment claim and say you were fired. This will be an extreme motivator for her to just pay up
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QulunEaave : Yes. it is illegal to not pay you for hours worked. You will have to file with the labor board for the state you actually worked in. The labor board has forms they will send you to file a complaint and they will send them to her. Usually this is enough to get employers to get you your money. Sometimes the state will take an employer to court ( the attorney general) and that takes time. That is not what you want so hopefully just the threat of criminal prosecution is enough!
In Pa there is a Dept of Labor and Industry web site to look for phone number- not sure what Maryland has if you worked there but they also have a state web site.
One final thought is - Have you made contact with your former employer? Sometimes they do not know where to send the last check or you need to hand in a name tag or keys or something? That would be a legit reason.I would call and see if she refuses to give it to you or mail it.
Also keep notes on everything-when you called and exact hours you were not paid etc. you will need to put that on the forms.
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Pneubbeta : You stated you "recently" quit. How recent was it? Did the pay period that included that week already get paid to the people still working? Did you contact the payroll or HR department for that company to see what the status is?
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jcgpice557 : My family was moving across country. We thought it would be cheaper to trade my car for a truck and we would just pack our things in the back of the truck. We traded a guy on Craigslist for a 1992 ford f350. The day after this, we began on our journey. I went to buy a few things for the truck and realized that none of the reference books showed a 1992 f350 even existing til later years. I called my insurance company on the way up to add the truck to my policy. They informed me that the VIN numbers I was giving them was incorrect & they couldn't add it. 50 miles into our trip the truck blows up in flames right after my husband and child were able to get out and all of our belongings burnt. Lawyer? Or let it go?
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Bdyysre : I moved into an apartment a year and a half ago. Upon moving in I found out there was a terrible roach problem. I notified the landlord and 5 treatments later they were finally under control. I went from seeing 20 a day to 2 in 2 months. After a heat wave a month or so ago, they came back. I notified the landlord and I also found out another apartment had roaches as well. (A whole long story about that later). Next thing you know last Wednesday I'm given a notice that they will be inspecting my apartment on Thursday. Thursday rolls around and I get a knock at my door to a man whom I've never seen saying he is here to inspect my apartment. He said he was the building owner and had every right to after I just asked, "Why are you inspecting?" He proceeded to put his hand on my door and push the door open and enter my apartment before my landlord popped up behind him and said Oh this is the building owner. He went through my closets, fridge, microwave, stove and oven and claimed that a small piece of pepper in my stove was a "roach buffet". I had just cooked it that morning and there was no way I was going to clean a hot freaking stove. He then proceeded to go into my bathroom and go through the garbage in there before opening my bathroom shower doors and taking pictures. He then asked if he could come back at night or in the AM to see the live roaches. I said I'd prefer not because I work nights. He just replied with a smug look and we'll see.

Fast forward 4 days and I have another notice on my door saying they are now doing a "formal inspection". At this point I feel as if I am being searched for no good reason, they haven't given me a reason as to why they are searching my apartment even when I ask. I feel like this is bullying/harassment. As of now, what rights of mine have been violated and where do I stand as far as him going through my things goes?

I'm very confused and I have read the California landlord tenant handbook pretty much from front to back. He seems to be in violation of a few things but I'm not exactly sure. I have spoken with a lawyer but due to lack of funds (which is a reason I haven't moved out yet) I haven't been able to officially hire her yet.

Any information or how I should proceed would be great, even if you just recommend going to see a lawyer.

Thank you for everyone who has read this!
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zmvxowm633 : roaches can spread disease and roaches are the hardest pests to get rid of, they can live on the smallest speck of residue. Put borax down under cabinets and that will help to eliminate some of your problem. The building owner has a responsibility for extermination set up an appointment. He needs to give you 24 hour notice. Exterminating one location is not effective he has to do all.
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nuappifania : You're screaming roach problem, and yet, you're whining because they want to inspect your place?

It is entirely possible that your place is the source of the problem. Not because of you, but because of the tenant before you. If so they need to know about it. You need to cooperate if you want the issue fixed. The building owner has a right to inspect, and would probably deem it an emergency if you took him to court over it.

Jeez louise. Common sense.
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maolekmtol : He has to right to inspect your place. Never heard of LL building inspector going trough your fridge ^^
But he does have the right to re-inspect because of roaches, he wants to find out the source. Clean your place real good and be done with it.
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