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lupins : I recently got arrested for battery domestic violence and i am very worried. I have never been arrested before and I am not sure what to do. There was broken frames and clothes thrown outside I never actuallyhit him just shoved him and pulled him. He Iis not pressing charges but I am worried because I was told there is a aw where the state can press charges. he had one tiny scratch on his neck less than a cm long. What should do should I be worried
My question is should I wait until afterbthe first pre trial court date and get a public defender through the court or should I get an attorney now before my first court appearance

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JaneDraaf : You need a lawyer.
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arroraceags : > I was told there is a law where the state can press charges. he had one tiny scratch on his neck less than a cm long.

You were told right, domestic violence is a crime against the state your bf has no say in the matter once police respond the state prosecutes the case if they find enough evidence. If they had physical evidence (the scratch) they don't need your bf testimony to convict.

>should I be worried

YES DV is a serious crime that can land you in jail and forget ever owning a gun or getting certain jobs.

>My question is should I wait until afterbthe first pre trial court date and get a public defender through the court or should I get an attorney now before my first court appearance.

If you even think you can afford a lawyer you won't be eligible for a public defender you have to be pretty damn poor to get a free lawyer and they are worth every penny.
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lenazhuck : so here's the deal i got arrested on controlled substance of spice in pearl river county they didn't find shit in my car they searched me didn't find anything then they tel me to leave and as i go to pull away they shout stop and i do they tell me to get out the car i did they put the cuffs on me go a pick up a pack of spice that was under my car they ask me if its mine i say no cuzz its not then as im sitting in the suv cop car they arrest a girl who has the same pack of shit they just got me 4 at this point i have requested a lawyer they have not read me my rights and they take me to the jail in Millard ms i spend 3 days in jail with no lawyer and then i got out now i got court on the 7th of October and i need some advise
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konwo724 : Now is time to find a lawyer.

It is not a requirement that an officer read you your rights when you are arrested unless the officer is going to ask you question about the alleged crime after you are in custody. Even if the officer fails to do so the only thing that will happen is the answers you provided can be excluded as evidence in court. This does not include identifying information.
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meestsuekly : ... Before my father's wife children was in my will but things had changed and I thought it was easier to just have my children in the will.

She got mad and told me if I take her children out of my will she would sue me for everything I got. Are these just useless threats, or can she sue me for taking her children out of my legal will?
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glubalpcrulge : She cannot do a thing about what you put in your will. You have the absolute right to do whatever you want and she can sue but all she will get is a big legal bill.
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Dumpsypsurf : 1) Don't be telling her your business. 2) You can do whatever you want. You are not obligated to leave anyone anything.
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weebrorge : Why are you obligated to put her children, your step siblings, into the will? You are NOT, in fact you could give all your money & property to your cat or a friend, if you want to. Because it is YOUR money/property, it has NOTHING to do with her at all.

She can go ahead and attempt to sue you if she wants to, would love to see a lawyer take the case.
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Koposogie : Your big mistake was in telling her anything about what you were putting in your will. Next time, keep your mouth shut and tell NO ONE what you are putting in your will. If you think that people won't understand, you can leave a letter and a videotape with your LAWYER that will explain what you have done and why. As for this woman, she can't sue you for anything...these are NOT your children and because of that, you owe them absolutely nothing. Tell her to go ahead and sue but you will be counter-suing for your costs and for punitive damages as her lawsuit is completely without merit! Good luck and God bless.

Addendum: The above advice is based on you being in either Canada or the United States....if you are elsewhere, you should consult with your lawyer/attorney.
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