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Ionillsiz :

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AaronV6 : By the way i have no record whatsoever me and some friends were in a housing project just playing basketball and we just sat down on the benches to chill. It was around 11:45 am we were cutting school and the signs didnt say no trespassing and a lot people from our school who dont live there. Go there a lot to play basketball or just chill. My question is do i have to hire a lawyer. And can i go by myself. Also this was in L.I.C NY and what are the fines for a first time offender of this violation im a little worried about this. And is it true the fine is between $25-$100?
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depslinee : Not much. However if you have no money apply for a public defender and plead not guilty. Alot of times they will just withdraw the charges rather than litigate something so simple. And as far as your record you are under 18 and its only a summary so i wouldnt worry about it. I have never seen a minor ajudacated over a summary violation. I can tell you this hiring an attorney will cost you ten times the amount of the fine.
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xgevcrfz : No signs? Did you have to climb a fence or open some kind of door or gate to enter? If not, it sounds like it may be a ploy to get you for the truancy that they seem to not be able to enforce directly. Go to court and plead your case. For you to have been trespassing there should have been some reasonable indication that you should not have entered the property, or you disregarded an appropriate warning by the property management to leave.

I recommend that you stop cutting classes.
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CobyStoll : Avoid going back to that property. You may be able to make the case that you had no prior warning that you were prohibited from being there. Now it is documented that you are informed you should not be there.
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Wexinsile : So I live in Arizona,Yesterday I was at a doctors office in the waiting room this lady and I get into an argument with this lady because of our kids. Her daughters came to where my son was and they were all playing my son step in front of her youngest and she fell but she was one and not very stable anyways. Well I grab my son and yell at him. She didn't even care until five mins later she says you need to keep your son away from my daughters. Then my son keeps wanting to play with her kids I tell him no your not playing with that b**chs daughters. This chick is also pregnant. She says if you got something to say to my face you f**king white b**ch then say it to my face she's already walking towards me I say your nothing but Mexican trash, she hits me I throw my soda at her takes two nurses to get her off. So I have a bruised up left side of my face the cops came and gave me a ticket for disorderly conduct and I have court, idk what she got. But I am scared for court. What could happen
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Miketymn : Talk to your lawyer about your legal issues and a counselor about your anger issues.
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theomarttestmk : It's a ticket, you're not going to jail or anything. But you should consider growing up and acting like an adult since you have kids. Quit acting like a low-class, trailer-dwelling teenager.
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jajidmeu : First mistake, yelling at your son. It teaches him two things, that you're gonna take their side and get him in trouble for things outside of his control...bottom line, mom can't be trusted, AND it teaches him to yell. Geez you humiliated him in public. You set him up as their scapegoat. Now, whenever mexitoddler toddles over it's your son's fault. Get it? You made that happen. You want your son to be honest, respectful, calm, etc. You SHOW him, don't tell him. Show him how to be loyal to family, be calm, disregard the inferiors. Yelling at him and then yelling at them gives them power. Also the cussing thing ups the ante...escalates things and teaches your kids to cuss. It makes you look like white trash. I am of the opinion there's really no such thing as white trash. You are a human and no one has the right to treat you and your child that way. But you also need to learn from this experience. In public keep to yourself and your own. Show, don't tell. And be loyal to your family. It's not his fault unless it is, right? But be on his side regardless. Then they won't go after him or you. Now as to the legal charges, go to the hospital and get evidence of all of it. Sue her. Otherwise she will get away with it or worse yet accuse you of a hate crime. Get it? She set you up for a racial accusation and lawsuit. Learn from this and do better next time. In the mean time see if you can get a lawyer.
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