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torgonitoh : A friend committed a homicide back in his country 7 years ago. He now lives in the United states for about 6 years now. He recently found out the police in his country are looking for him. Is there any way he still gets charged here? What can happen to him? He hasn't had any problems in the USA.

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TrinityP6 : He won't be charged in the US for a homicide that happened in another country. But the US has extradition treaties with lots of countries in the world. So he could be arrested on the basis of that country's warrant and held for extradition and trial in that country.
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reentypot : Hello,
If the authorities from his home country know where his location is, Unites States authority's will be alerted and they will find him. When they find him they will extradite him back to his home country for a trial. You can't run from your problems forever.
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centbancdeshallland : YOU don't need a lawyer, because you didn't commit murder. Why do you feel that you need to hire a lawyer for this guy? It's not your job to come to his rescue.
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RHIFTARRICH : I'm 27. Confident I was kidnapped and the people who raised me are not my parents.

How can I get access to their DNA to run a DNA test? They won't willing supply it and there is no way for me to get my hands on it.

Can a P.I. be hired to get it? A lawyer? Or who?
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Tevyemalm : take their hair brushes
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AdupsMund : You hire a lawyer and develop a compelling case for a court and ask for a court order.

It's not going to happen of course.
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katimmita : Steal their toothbrushes. Lots of DNA.

But, you will have to pay for any DNA testing that will be done. And if it comes back that they are not your biological parents, you should search for any records of you being adopted before jumping to conclusions. That's also going to come out of your pocket also. By the time you are done, you might be looking at several thousands of dollars (at a minimum) that you will be spending.

*EDIT* - You could go to court and show what evidence you have that you think you were kidnapped as a child and have the court order them to provide DNA. But since you are talking 20+ years after the incident, it's not very likely to happen.
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MeggansFK : Well first of all if they kidnapped you then its quite surprising they raised you and spent on you for last 27 years and never asked for ransom from your real parents. And if they really kidnapped you and raised you for all these years with love and affection then don't insult them by saying that they are not your parents. Only giving birth to child doesn't make you a parent its the constant care, love and upbringing that makes you a parent and took care of you for last 27 years. So even you find out that they are not your parents just don't let them know that you know this.

But yes you have the right to know who are your real parents if they are not and you don't have to hire a lawyer for that. You just need few samples from them which would be very easy for eg. Their hair (just hug them and gently move your hand through their head and you will get one or two. that would be enough) or you can get from their pillow, or saliva ( give them a chewing gum or something and when they are finished chewing say you will throw it. and keep it safe) or just get their used tooth brush (not washed after using). you can get any half eaten apple from them that would also contain their . You can get their mucus sample from their hanky when they blow their nose. Even dead skin cells in our finger prints have our DNA but that is difficult for you to collect. Finger nails don't have dna so they won't work.

your father's socks, mother's hair band and jewelery box , slight blood from cut on your father's shaving razor and those precious tears of you mother. The kisses your parents have given you on your forehead or cheek, the hugs you have shared with them and even the pocket money you received from them every time every second of your life you have shared your and their DNA with each other. So its not true that you can't get your hands on their DNA. '

Either you have their DNA inside your body or you have their DNA on your body. This perhaps make a big difference for you but not for me.
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boottantajork : It's illegal to do that in Canada - and it would be Canadian laws that would apply while the boss was here. If he was fired without cause, he must be paid in full within 24 for his wages earned in at least in the province I live (Alberta).
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