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dokoccund : He just called out of the blue I said i had no car and could not make it to the station but could make it to happy panda at a date and time that i picked he agreed? does this mean i am in trouble should i get a lawyer?
i called the station and they also told me that he works there but idk you guys making it sound like its fishy i dont have money for a lawyer and I am meeting him in a public place which he said was fine? Is this legal I dont want to be arrested and taken to the station shouldnt i just go check it out i am old just making sure this is all good through the legal way so i dont get in trouble...I`ll just keep my mouth shut the whole time?

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Broumenn : YES. You should always do generally whatever the police say.
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Tainiobby : Are you sure it was a detective? I mean, if he calls you out of the blue with no reasoning, that seems kind of suspicious. I would go with somebody and if this is truly a detective, I would ask for a lawyer and remain silent. But please, NEVER go alone in case it's a creeper!
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clonecd840 : Ring him and ask what it is about. He might just want to ask you about someone you know, like a neighbour.
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feadcanny : yo, you might be the laughing end of a joke. I suggest you check the number to see if it matches what is in the phone book.
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abassykax : No, you don't have to go. He did not come to your house and arrest you. He called you and "asked" you go to the police station. If he calls back, you ask him what it is all about. That doesn't make sense that he didn't tell you why. You can also get an attorney, if necessary.
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GradGuirer : He's not a cop. That's just not how police do things.

If you have his name, call the police station and ask to talk to him. If he is legit, then ask him what it's about. If it's not legit, then don't go. It could be dangerous.
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meslefectra : What Govement have to get in to get the death penalty in the united kingdom
or does the people or the queen say if we can have the death penalty in this country this county's getting worse pedo rapist murders the Criminal get more help then the victim does in this country with there Hunan rights it's disgusting when. Will are country be safe from murders pedo child murders rapist why should they cost use money to keep them safe from the parents that want them dead and eye for an eye what is wrong with the govement giving there bad people on injection there dead that can't cost as much keeping them in prison keeping them Alive. We got a good DNA in this country so they can be found guilty better then they did in the 80s and so on what do this country have to do to get the death penalty
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wamyenganeumb : We are not allowed to have the death penalty as the EU prevents it. No country with the death penalty is allowed in the EU.

Meanwhile Parliament abolished it 48 years ago for numerous excellent reasons. Courts make mistakes far too often. You should look up the Derek Bentley case, a famous one that led to questioning the death penalty even more than it was being already. Bentley was posthumously pardoned but that's no good to him, is it?

If you think it deters crime, you are deluded. If deterrence by harsh sentencing worked, why are there still prisoners? US states that use the death penalty have a higher murder rate than those that don't, basically because it's largely the same ones that have more lax gun laws. Criminals don't think "oh, I'll get a really bad sentence so I won't do it". It doesn't work like that in the criminal mind. They're more likely to be planning to avoid getting caught at all, in which case it is irrelevant what the punishment is as they're planning not to get it. Which is why the best deterrent is more policing, creating the impression they're more likely to get caught.

Death is the easy way out. Life imprisonment means years and years to think about it and suffer for what you did. The suicide rate in prison is quite high and prison officers have to be careful watching out for prisoners who might harm themselves. Harold Shipman, the UK's worst mass murderer, killed himself in prison and so did Fred West. It was less painful to them than decades of prison.

Your last point on DNA is irrelevant. That's nothing to do with the death penalty, it's about catching criminals whatever their sentence might be.

This country is not getting worse. That's just your impression from sensationalist newspapers.

Susan S should recognise that the question of costs is irrelevant to the UK. When we had the death penalty, the prisoner was hanged at most six weeks later - no endless appeals as the US has. The sentence was set for three weeks after sentencing, traditionally to allow the prisoner three clear Sundays to make peace with God, plus a possible further three weeks to allow for the only possible appeals, to the Court of Criminal Appeal, the Home Secretary, and the Queen. It's the appeals that make the death penalty more expensive than life imprisonment in the US as on average they go on for ten years.
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Nhlnqhes : The British justice system focuses on reform and correction rather than punishment. Ultimately, it's based on our shared Christian cultural inheritance of forgiveness as opposed to revenge.
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