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corte2012 : In Pittsburgh, PA my pro bono lawyer got chummy with my ex husband while defending me in family law matter court hearing initiated by ex. Lawyer gave ex his business card while waiting around at hearing, ex initiated phone calls to lawyer and arranged for lawyer to work for his father on business development deals for big bucks. Lawyer came to me and said sorry, can't personally represent you in court anymore but I still love you and will make sure you have help through my law friends when you need it. Bottom line...bratty,spoiled ex had daddy hire my lawyer out from under me in order to leave me without representation so he could pound me with a fast coming wave of court attacks. I did not take lawyer up on helping me with future stuff. I could not trust in help from a lawyer who jumped to my ex father-in-law's payroll. As a side bar, I had already shared in great detail w/ the lawyer about father-in-law's BS testimony about family business assets/income as being instrumental for ex to claim poor in child support matters. Lawyer pretended to think he was hired on the merit of his professional talents and claimed all was good because this was daddy's business and had nothing to do with son. Meanwhile, the ex's family is on fourth generation of operating multiple businesses...they have had their own attorneys for decades and are very good at exploiting the court systems. The ex and his family think I'm stupid and degrade and harass me. They would not think any choice I made, including pick of attorneys, was intelligent enough for them to follow suite. They just hired this guy for something unimportant, waved a carrot in front of him, and laughed as my council disappeared. Was this attorney being responsible/ethical? What would a responsible attorney have done in this situation?

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dsyez007 : I recently quit my job, but my employer hasn't payed me for the last week. I live in PA, is this illegal? The company is located in Maryland. Also, what can i do to get this money back? Ive had friends work for her before and they said when they quit, they also didn't recieve their last paycheck. I really don't want to go to court or get a lawyer for this. Also, part of the reason I quit was because she was asking for liability insurence. We had to buy liability insurence or else, we'd get fired. So, i quit. I was wondering if that was also illegal and what i can do to get my money.
I quit less than 2 weeks ago. Yes the payperiod has come up 3 days ago and no check. Other people have recieved their check and I owe nothing to them. I've called several times and they are simply ignoring me. So I guess I will follow a complaint. Thanks!
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noelleterrao : Call the employer tell them if the dont pay you then you will be forced to call labor and industry and the wage hour board. Also file a unemployment claim and say you were fired. This will be an extreme motivator for her to just pay up
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QulunEaave : Yes. it is illegal to not pay you for hours worked. You will have to file with the labor board for the state you actually worked in. The labor board has forms they will send you to file a complaint and they will send them to her. Usually this is enough to get employers to get you your money. Sometimes the state will take an employer to court ( the attorney general) and that takes time. That is not what you want so hopefully just the threat of criminal prosecution is enough!
In Pa there is a Dept of Labor and Industry web site to look for phone number- not sure what Maryland has if you worked there but they also have a state web site.
One final thought is - Have you made contact with your former employer? Sometimes they do not know where to send the last check or you need to hand in a name tag or keys or something? That would be a legit reason.I would call and see if she refuses to give it to you or mail it.
Also keep notes on everything-when you called and exact hours you were not paid etc. you will need to put that on the forms.
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Pneubbeta : You stated you "recently" quit. How recent was it? Did the pay period that included that week already get paid to the people still working? Did you contact the payroll or HR department for that company to see what the status is?
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Sleeryrub : so i got my license suspended by getting 3 speeding tickets. My friend said the same thing happened to him and he paid a lawyer $250 and he got his license un-suspended... is this true?
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HogapalaMaipt : I'm sorry. I don't know your friends, so I can't say if he told you the truth or not. It might have happened to him, or might not have.

Ask him who the lawyer was, and then contact him.
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chuyun4841 : Is your friend lying? I do not know. If you are asking if the law of your state has some provision for avoiding a license suspension, I don't know that either. In my state, if you stand trial and are not convicted of the crimes, or if you plea bargain, you might avoid the suspension. It is probably too late for that, but that was not your question.
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