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TUTPeessyboms : I worked for my company for 6 years. I work 40 hours splitting the hours between 2 departments. The work enviorment in one of the departments is so unbearable that is makes my anxiety so bad I get physically sick and burst into tears. My phychiatrist who has been following me for over a year put me on a intermediate fmla, and specified that my leave would be from that department since it makes my current health condition worse. I already tried to transfer and went to HR multiple times to assist me to before I filed my claim with no luck. I already missed 4 days with no pay cause my leave started on 9/7, Hr delayed my paperwork cause they're "short staffed" I have benefit time that I can use only of HR approve me leave. They are saying they are unsure if it will be approved. They passed it along to our legal dept to clarify if its a true fmla or a work issue. I'm not being paid during this waiting period which they said takes up to 5 days, now it's 10.

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tasnkmikoo : "The work enviorment in one of the departments is so unbearable that is makes my anxiety so bad I get physically sick and burst into tears."

Two possibilities :


Sounds like the business is trying to find ways to get rid of you; they are stalling on giving you FMLA because they or their lawyer can't find a loophole for them to weasel out of giving you what you want.


I suspect their real problem is they can't get anyone to replace you in that horrible department. That is why HR would not transfer you out. But the company won't fire the people causing the problem.
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LoffVonosoomy : I'm willing to go to an Egyptian law school as to be a political lawyer, what are the best majors i could take that would help me AFTER law school to get a good job earlier?
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AssicsbleammaGB : Um, why would you want to major in something after you've already graduated college and law school? Your best bet would be to take intensive courses on the specific area of law you want to practice.
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sopkolifi : Lets say the girlfriend is accused of murder, homicide.
Could her boyfriend be her lawyer, Defense Attorney?

Lets say their married, could the husband be her Defense Attorney?

two questions, please.
10 points.
xoxo Charlotte
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unincandy : As long as you were no where near your GF at the time of the incidence.
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induttott : A conflict of interest that severe might be legal, but the bar association would throw a fit and the bf/husband might be face disciplinary action.

Both the accused and the lawyer would be fools to do that. The lawyer would ask a colleague to represent the woman as a "professional courtesy" before taking the case himself.
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kimmurphyo : Yes, on both counts.
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