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Miztiessy : I'm looking to take my ex girlfriend to court for money she owes me, among other things of value that are mine and she has in her possession.

Before I get a lawyer and pay up for court costs I would like to send a letter re-questing my stuff back and not go to court.

My question is does anyone know of a sight that I can copy paste a request for items form? Or something that looks legal enough to scare her into ending this... would be helpful

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saitiolmesela : You don't need a lawyer to go to small claims court. Just visit your county courthouse and get the form to file a small claims lawsuit.
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konwo724 : You just write a Formal Letter to her, and keep a copy to show to the Small Claims Court, No Threats, Just write a request for them and ask for a reply within 7 days.
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PoitoProvemog : On your computer, you should have Microsoft Word. There you should be able to
draft a letter. But if you're wanting the letter on professional letter form, you are
going to need to have a attorney write it, and that may cost to you.
Sometimes lawyers do this as a courtesy - as I have seen it done. Sometimes it
takes a retainer (in the event you need representation).

Your other option, (if suing for under $2,500.00) is to file for small claims at your
local courthouse. There will be a fee for filing and a sheriff to deliver the summons
which is added to what is owed - if and when you win in court.

Sometimes, the sheriff's deputy delivering the summons - creates enough scare,
and people pay to avoid the courts. In which you can cancel you lawsuit, but be
sure to collect your fees too.
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reinodisGF : You don't need a form.
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hiegululnenny : I want to work in the Legal/Business field after I finish my Liberal Arts A.A requirements a d transfer to a 4 year school. I heard some bad things about Non-ABA Accredited JD degrees that they don't get hired, but also good in that the Tuition rate is much lower. I don't want to be a lawyer, just a Legal Assistant or on a company's General Counsel as a legal consultant.

Does someone have a better chance at becoming a Paralegal if they have a Non-ABA Law Degree instead of a Paralegal Certificate?

And can Non-ABA Business Law School Graduates become Legal Consultants on General Counsel and earn a lot of money still?
But is a non Accredited JD really that bad? Couldn't someone just transfer over to an Accredited LLM Program after they finish?

Do Paralegal Certificate holders seriously fare better in the job market than Juris Doctor graduates (Non-ABA) ? Even after all of that education?
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VaraTrurorb : You probably shouldn't be doing anything in the legal field these days in hopes of making lots of money. That having been said, the demand for paralegals is what's expected to increase. I wouldn't bother with a non-ABA accredited JD to be a legal assistant. If a school isn't accredited, that's usually not a good sign. Find a good paralegal program instead.
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Soansiodo : If you have to go to traffic court or some type of court, can your friend that goes with you film it? Please show a link if possible, I couldn't find one.
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Smaluemelmisy : ... Seriously? NO. It's a private court! You can't do that!
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lenazhuck : Ask the specific court you're going to. But most won't allow recording like that. Some will allow cell phones these days, but only for data access. Recording and taking photos is almost certainly disallowed.
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