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optixElena : paying off property settlement in divorce decree, need judge to release me from the do i ask that in a a letter to him?
we dont have an attorney, we would just like to pay this off and have it closed. It just seems to drag on...

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rbuyf : You can't write directly to a Judge because he won't read it. In fact he won't even see it.
You have to petition the Court.
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novaexate : you should be able to get your lawyer (mediator) to present proof to the judge & file any proof that needs to be filed.
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IrredsPruri : I was in a car wreck on March 5,2013.the guy rear ended me and my boyfriend while at a red light.we both had lower back injuries,his being worst than mine. We went to the chiropractor for 2 and a half months.we just got the demand in the mail.his med bills came to 12000 and for pain and suffering he's being offered 38000(so together 51000)I'm being offered 31000 and my med bills came to 10000.will the lawyer take out of pain and suffering for his fee?
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Norbdopocyrenx : The amount is typically between 30% and 40% of your GROSS recovery., meaning ALL money you recover including any Personal Injury Protection coverage from your own insurance, as well as any money you recover from the at-fault driver's insurance.
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JHhee : Why aren't you asking your lawyer and why aren't you looking at your agreement with the lawyer.

Yes, they take their percentage out of the total.
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vitalykim : I live in cass county texas. I have been going to court to get off the registery because i got charged sexual assult of a child, put on 10 years deferred adjudication probation and lifetime regristering. The victim was my girlfriend at the time, she was 16 i was 20. We had got caught on side of road in car by police we had cloths on but i went ahead and told the cop what had happend and she was my girlfriend(first mistake) then i gave a statment telling there was another time we had sex and he counted that as a second charge so i got charged twice, different dates though. So my lawyer told me that they wont take me off registery because i had two counts. Is that right? Or do i need to persue this more because its ruining my life im 22 now, have a house and baby on the way, struggling bad especially being on registery. Cant get a good job. I need help.
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Alexander_john : My friends pregnant girlfriend ran off and now refuses to talk to him. The child has been born now and he wants to he part of her (the child's) life but wants to resolve it out of court if possible, partially because this is an expensive process.

What are his rights here?

He's not looking for custody but he wants the child to grow up knowing him and visa-versa.

She's been sending "look at my baby" cards to people she met while living here but didn't send one to him. The baby looks identical to him. No actual paternity test has been done yet however.
Thanks so far for all the answers so far everyone. I completely agree with most of you, in that he needs to take her to court if he wants anything to happen. Unfortunately, I have no say in what he does and it's not my place to step in and start telling him to get the f*ck to court. I posted this question here because, while his situation concerns me and I disagree with the way he's handling it, I wanted to know what "rights" he has as a man, and a father, OUTside the court... Which is apparently none. While that is unfortunate, it is reality. He needs to go to court if he wants the rights to see his daughter. From the sounds of things his plan is hopefully his ex will stop being a lunatic andrealize that 1) her daughter should know her father, and 2) the father should know his daugher.. yeah.. good luck with that.. All I can do is cross my fingers for him I guess..
Again, thanks everyone so far for the input.
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Tipamike : If he doesn't want to involve the courts, his 'rights'are irrelevant. He only has such rights as the courts grant him.

He has the right to go to court and have a judge rule on paternity first, and then on custody/visitation.
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ananquefe : he wants to resolve it out of court so he won't have a support order in place. tell your "friend" to man the fuvck up and get a support and custody order with the court
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