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XDedris : Age of consent laws is 16 in Canada. So the adult cannot be charged with any forms or charges similar to statutory rape?
Trying to explain this to my mother in a heated debate. She believes that if her 16 year old daughter (me) has sex with an adult - she can charge them for rape. i disagree. Who's right? -_-

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jajidmeu : He could probably be arrested for child molesting.
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Anne_7 : Contributing to the delinquency of a minor
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SPbrain : you can only consent to have sex with OTHER minors, not adults - an adult who has sex with a minor CAN be charged with rape
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OdellZ905TtQ : You are correct. If you are 16, you may consent to having sex with any adult. The sole exception is that the adult may not be in a position of trust or authority (coach, councillor, police, lawyer, judge, babysitter, etc.) when the age is raised to 18.

You can't be charged with sexual offenses including statutory rape, sexual touching, etc. Pictures and video would still be illegal -- child pornography.

This is clearly explained in the Criminal Code and in the Ministry of Justice web site.
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Roafjoydayfew : So, I am U.S citizen because my mother was naturalized thus making me a U.S citizen now. But while I was being naturalized, she didn't order a name change for me. (WHY? i have no idea.) So now I want to legally change my name to something else. btw i am a minor.
So I was wondering if im naturalized would it be any different to change my name? If so, what?
Would it be more ideal to change it now since i'm young or wait till im 18?
Also could you please show me the process of changing my name. THANKS!!!
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kukernos : How to Use the Name Changing Process Cached
If you're wondering how to get a name change, US Legal Forms has affordable, top-notch name change forms. Whether you need to get a social security name change, DMV ...
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Change an Adult's Name - name_change_selfhelp Cached
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Name change forms to legally change your name or a minor child's name. Detailed filing instructions included.
Online Name Change With Legal Zoom
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How to Change Your Name After Marriage | eHow Cached
How to Change Your Name After Marriage. ... Illinois state law allows either party to assume the other's last name. How to Change a Name After Marriage in California.
Name Change - Legally Changing Your Name | Cached
Vendor of preparation services of forms effecting a legal name change.
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NitengekGen : After a large mass near my pituitary was discovered in late February 2013 I was referred to a Neurologist. I had to wait 6 weeks for an appointment with the Neurologist and was seen by him on April 15, 2013. At my appointment the doctor ordered several tests including an EEG, MRI and lab work. Weeks passed and I heard nothing from his office. I then began to call both the doctor's office and my insurance asking what the delay was. The doctor's staff repeatedly lied to me and gave me the runaround. During this time I informed the doctor's office that my headache pain was increasing and my vision was worsening. Again, they continued outright lie to me. After over 7 weeks since I saw the doctor and still nothing being done despite my numerous calls and my pleads for help because the headache was excruciating and my vision was to the point where i could not drive, I went to my local ER on June 4, 2013. I was admitted to the hospital and was there until June 17 and transferred to another hospital where surgery was done on the 18. I was discharged on June 20, 2013. I strongly feel that had the doctor and his staff not been so incompetent and negligent I would of not endured the pain for as long as I did nor suffered the loss of my vision to the degree that I have. To date, my vision is still impaired.
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xxldoctttibr : You can file a formal complaint with your state agency that licenses doctors.
That's usually the Department of State.

They will blow you off, and do nothing.
While you're waiting for that to happen, GET A DAMN LAWYER.
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chatovvod : Its going to be harder than Chinese arithmetic.
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