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seogertafor : I'm going to be 18 soon and I don't know much about suing and how people do it. On what circumstances do you sue? how do you get out of being sued? when you sue do you get the money of the sued human? Lets say someone broke a property of mine intentionally. Or someone kills an animal or someone runs over a person or failing to yield for and keeps going not stoping or whatever. Can I sue or be sued for these?

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phypofelterty : Naruto! And yes
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nanette997 : You can sue if you believe someone harmed you in some way, either or emotionally or financially. If you win, they are required to compensate you for the harm you suffered. It involves hiring a lawyer and going to court.
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paasathkaqaas : I am asking this for my friends behalf since she doesn't have a computer. But she got in trouble with some drugs and she hired a private attorney and she was able to get only probation and no jail time. After that, her attorney sent her a letter saying they were no longer serving them and they released their services from her and she paid the bill off. Then, she went to appeals to fight something (I forgot) and when it came back down to the lower court the judge ordered her that private attorney again to take her case.

Thing is, now they want her to pay them, even though she didn't hire them and they sent that official letter saying they were releasing their services. It was a judge order, she didn't actually hire them. So, does she have to pay them or are they just being greedy?
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monitautto : She has to pay them or get the judge to appoint someone else who she will have to pay. It wasn't court appointed by the way. She appointed them when she hired them originally. You just don't get to change lawyers in the middle of a case as it wastes a lot of time for the new lawyers to read everything. The judge has to agree to it.

In this case, the judge didn't agree.
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ivanbyss : She gets free attorney if she cannot affford one.

However, she's already demonstrated she CAN afford one by hiring one in the first place and paying that bill.

Perhaps she wants to petition the court for a freebie because she NOW has no ability to pay?
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nh8f90pl79 : I am taking over a lease. I moved in, and the bathroom is filthy. There is no damage done to the apartment, but the bathroom is grimy and her hair is everywhere.

I believe she did this on purpose since we had a disagreement.

When I signed the lease, she signed an "intend to vacate paper". Also, I signed a paper (separate from the lease) saying I inherited any damage to the apartment. That paper also stated the complex would not arrange to have the apartment cleaned before I moved in.

She never agreed to clean the apartment in writing, but she said, "Don't worry, I'll clean it."

Can I sue her? Why or why not?
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CLOMIDADVICE : Just clean the bathroom and enjoy your new space.
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esyez004 : Unless the leasing agent approved the change in leaseholder, you MAY be living there illegally.

As to suing her, you can, but I would give you a less than 10% chance of winning.

It sounds like a "can of worms" to me!
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jshufs8s2d : You can try, but any reputable lawyer will have you thrown out of his or her office with this complete nonsense.

The court system calls these type of suits nuisance suits.

Verbal agreements mean nothing, only written ones do.

Since you are old enough to be taking over the lease on an apartment, you are an adult, you need to start to act like one and realize that you cannot expect others to take care of things for you such as cleaning a living space to your liking.

Since the complex was not paying to have the apartment cleaned, that falls on you.

Enjoy the apartment and have a good day.
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