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Entimbzit : Hello,

My name is Kait, and coming up is my senior year of high school. I've been training for upcoming volleyball try outs for the past summer until it was recently brought to my attention that I might not be eligible to play any sport this year because of a rule in my school district. "Students who are on their fifth consecutive year of high school are ineligible for all sports." However they do take "special cases". For example, time off school for family, medical, ect reasons.

I studied abroad my junior year in Germany with rotary youth exchange, and due to the rigorous curriculum of German high schools, and my lack of adequate language (in the beginning), I made the decision to repeat a year of school to better prepare myself for college.

It was decided that since I made the decision to go to Germany and repeat a year (and that nothing "out of my control" had prevented me from completing my high school in 4 years) that I could not play any sport my senior year.

Keep in mind:

*I've only played high school volleyball for two full years. This upcoming year would be my third.
*I have a 3.75 UW GPA in mostly advanced courses.
*I entered the program and went to Germany thinking that I would get my year abroad to count as my Junior year. I changed my mind later on.
*I am 18 years old. And I will be 18 years old when I graduate high school next year.

This rule was created to prevent drop outs from playing sports and being older than 18 and also as a restriction to those athletes that are held back a year.

I want to appeal this decision and hire a lawyer to make a case in front of the school board. Do you think that I would have a case against something like this?
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CobyStoll : CAN they Get Physical
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theomarttestmk : They have to stop
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Uamrikditjs : No they won't get physical and the only time Miranda rights apply are when two instances exist and they are custody and interrogation. Any other questioning by Police in voluntary.
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priendife : You have to actually say "I decline to answer under my rights as guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment." or something to that effect. You clearly have to say FIFTH AMENDMENT. You should at that point ask for a lawyer. Then SHUT UP.

If you simply refuse to speak, they can take that as an admission of guilt.

As far as getting physical, they can only do that if you do not cooperate and follow their commands. Such as they tell you to get into the police car and you won't do it.
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HogapalaMaipt : I'm supposed to start a new job this Monday. After I got a job offer I called the HR dept to talk about my conviction 2 years ago because I wanted to be honest (it was an issue at the last place where I was offered a job) I told them 3 years ago I was arrested for stealing a persons gift card (I was in financial distress at the time, just dropped out of school, literally had been living in my car for 2 weeks...didn't want to go into that much detail with her but just the surface stuff) A year later I was convicted of misdemeanors theft by access device and receiving stolen property. For first one I was charged twice, bc the P.O thought I stole two gift cards and I didn't, so it was dropped.

Anyway, I got fines, community service and unsupervised probation where I don't do anything. Told the HR girl this.

I did my FBI fingerprint check for this new place of employment and it shows the charges as "access device fraud" instead of "theft by access device" like my lawyer told me at the time. He gave me papers but since its been awhile I cannot find them, so I don't know if it shows up different or Im just misremembering...

Im worried because the HR lady said as long as my story was right and more serious charges weren't there on the record, Id be fine. Are "theft by access device: and "access device fraud" the same thing or am I in trouble?
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AdonnaAppeany : i got tangled up in drugs n partying, after our divorce.he was abusive, placed me in the hospital several times. So I got on drugs 2 yrs n lost custody of our 2 kids, b/c I didnt hv a lawyer. I still dont have a lawyer, but I got JESUS, and he said he would be my "ALL IN ALL". After losing my kids, they lived with X the remainer of the year. Then slowly the kids ended up moving bk home w/ me. I took them to school everyday for 2 yrs. Last yr the X moved to TX, and took our 13 yr old (she wanted to go). Now she hates it , him, and his family and really want to come back home, but he wont bring her and everytime she brings it up he gets mad at her. She told me about him slapping her, and choking her. She told her school counselor. X gets disabilty check $, so kids gets a check a piece. X gets everybodys checks. Even our 10yrs old, who's here with me, because he refused to w/ them to TX . Lawyer retainer fee $2000. I work at night as a retail supervisor, and i intern in the day as a SURGICAL TECHNICIAN, i have 200 more hours left.YES! I have 2 new babies while I was in school . ages 3 yr and 1 yr. all my kids ages 18 yr old(gone to college), 13 yr old (in TX w/ crazy horse), 10 yr old (with me/but at school) , 3 yr old 1 yr old in daycare). I applied for legal aid 4 times , but they say they cant help me. my daughter needs us and we need. her.
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Tereshechko : Go to Court - you don't need an Attorney - and file for custody, giving PROOF of the mistreatment of the child.

OR report the mistreatment to Child Protective Services (or whatever it's called in TX). If the allegations are true the child will be put in foster care, and you are her closet relative when custody is decided.

I trust JESUS wil lead the way for you.
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lCareyBridgesc : ask jesus for legal advice.

you already have a bunch of kids. maybe the judge took away your custody for a reason. maybe it's a sign from jesus.

get your shlt together and then get a lawyer.
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Memzentee : You need CPS (Child Protective Services). I guess google it, although your with drug history they might end up taking the 13 yr old to another family member like an aunt or grandfather. Which is better than crazy horseman, I'm assuming.
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